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Quick sample tracking and retrieval, and full sample history through integration with FreezerPro® from Brooks Life Sciences

Strata™ sample management software is the high-performance engine that drives the sample management process in Brooks Life Science Systems' SampleStore™, BioStore™ and SE automated storage solutions.

Strata™ runs the storage systems by controlling the hardware actions and tracking labware barcodes. Strata™ does not store details about the sample. This means Strata™ is not used to manage the samples by metadata and doesn’t currently support a combination of manual and automated storage units.

By integrating Brooks FreezerPro® scalable web-based sample inventory management system with Strata™ we can offer customers a unique integrated offering.

Quickly find your samples using FreezerPro®, whether they are stored in manual and/or an automated store.

Ready to use your samples? Retrieve them with a few clicks.

With FreezerPro®, you can see the full history of your sample, wherever it moves within your lab.



Strata & FreezerPro
Strata Software Controller




Strata™ Software from Brooks Life Sciences

Using the SampleStore, BioStore and SE+ range becomes completely intuitive with Brooks’ Strata™ sample management software.

The simplified user interface is easily configured for day-to-day operations, plus greater detail is available for “super users” via drill-down and advanced screens.

Strata software is accessible from a workstation next to the store, remotely from a user’s office, or from home on a smartphone or tablet.

The software simplifies integration with corporate IT systems and LIMS that support Web services and other technologies.

It ensures reliable performance via intelligent diagnostics and error recovery.

With Strata™, your staff can focus on the science rather than contending with disparate sample collection management systems.


symbol   Sample security: conducts lifetime inventory and environmental tracking while compiling sample chain of custody and audit trail reports

symbol   High performance and reliability: full order control including drag-and-drop order prioritization; system data logging and performance tracking assure reliability plus enable remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

symbol   Easy-to-use interface: intuitive, information-rich display with modern graphics permits operations with no special training; customizable screens allow application-specific workflow presentation

symbol   Remote access: data is accessible from any location using a laptop, tablet, or web-enabled device

symbol   Seamless IT integration: flexible deployment options include active directory integration and encrypted system access passwords; LIMS options include web services API, database, and file-based integration; accessibility is highly configurable with definable user roles


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FreezerPro from Brooks Life Sciences




FreezerPro® from Brooks Life Sciences

With FreezerPro® you can search and view the inventory of your store, pre-register and cherry-pick samples while keeping a clear history of sample ownership and movement for audit purposes.

Storing metadata about the sample is another advantage. The system recognizes aliquots of a sample giving common data on the sample as well as individual data on the aliquot.

You can store small to super-large sample collections with the added benefits of automation for easier, faster and more reliable access to high-quality samples. Plus, you can store a range of container types and sizes for compact, flexible, high density sample storage.

Capture sample barcode data upon input to automatically update the inventory and assign a storage location! Minimize opportunity for human error in documentation and inventory management!


symbol   Quickly search for samples by any property; locate samples whether they are in manual storage and/or an automated storage

symbol   Register samples and generate automated or manual pick lists through a unified interface

symbol   Meet regulatory requirements: FreezerPro®’s audit log shows the full history of your sample, wherever it moves in your lab

symbol   Fully configurable modules allow a wide range of applications: capacity, throughput and labware

symbol   Accurate inventory control

symbol   Workflow optimization

symbol   Sample security from -80°C to ambient

symbol   Scalable sample throughput

symbol   Adaptable storage automation from single labware type to multiple formats: tubes, vials, or plates


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