Strata™ Sample Management Software

Manage precious biosamples and compounds with the highest levels of security and confidence in your SampleStore™, BioStore™ and SE+ automated storage systems.

Strata software is the high-performance engine that drives the sample management process in Brooks Life Sciences' SampleStore™, BioStore™ and SE+ automated storage systems.

Strata makes automated storage easy and convenient to use: no special engineering expertise is required to operate the system. Its reliability and flexibility assure your samples will be efficiently processed and securely protected.

  • Using the SampleStore, BioStore and SE+ range becomes completely intuitive with Brooks’ Strata sample management software.
  • The simplified user interface is easily configured for day-to-day operations, plus greater detail is available for “super users” via drill-down and advanced screens.
  • Strata software is accessible from a workstation next to the store, remotely from a user’s office, or from home on a smartphone or tablet.
  • The software simplifies integration with corporate IT systems and LIMS that support Web services and other technologies. It ensures reliable performance via intelligent diagnostics and error recovery
  • With Strata, your staff can focus on the science rather than contending with disparate sample collection management systems.
Key Features
  • Sample security: conducts lifetime inventory and environmental tracking while compiling sample chain of custody and audit trail reports
  • High performance and reliability: Provides full order control including drag-and-drop order prioritization. Optimizes throughput through more efficient batch workflows and order decomposition. System data logging and performance tracking assure reliability plus enable remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Easy-to-use interface: Intuitive, information-rich display with modern graphics permits operations with no special training. Customizable screens allow application-specific workflow presentation
  • Remote access: data is accessible from any location using a laptop, tablet, or web-enabled device
  • Seamless IT integration: flexible deployment options include active directory integration and encrypted system access passwords. LIMS options include Web services API, database, and file-based integration. Accessibility is highly configurable with definable user roles
  • Automation interface: enables easy integration with Brooks’ Sprint™ 6 scheduling software and other work cell applications.
Support Plans

Enhancement packages for Strata™ Sample Management Software for both new and existing customers, offering advanced bio-sample and compound management with SampleStore™ and BioStore™ automated storage systems.

  • Throughput and workflow enhancement
  • Advanced storage management
  • Storage optimization
  • BioStore™ sample management

With the protection of samples within your Brooks Life Sciences automated sample store of the highest importance, our Support Plans can help, whatever your needs.


  • Corrective services
  • Remote diagnostic & repair
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Additional services for purchase
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