BioStore III Cryo
BioStore III Cryo

Behind all successful pharmaceutical product development, there is a story of innovation, made possible by ingenuity, precision and speed. At Brooks Life Sciences, our people and technology are ready to support your company’s success, offering automated sample storage solutions and equipment for the most demanding workflows. Brooks products are used in over 200 of the busiest, most advanced high throughput screening laboratories.

No matter how big or how small your environment, Brooks can customize automated solutions to help you move and process compounds faster and more accurately than ever before. Brooks offers a full suite of products and services to support rapid order-fulfillment, delivering accurate, assay-ready plates to your internal researchers.


As a global leader in innovative products for the compound management and discovery markets, Brooks and its partners, AstraZeneca and Labcyte, Inc., are set to launch next generation solutions in 2018. These revolutionary new products will support the use of sound waves to distribute tiny drops of liquid from low-volume storage tubes onto assay-ready plates. Among other benefits, this new acoustic workflow will accelerate laboratory processes, improve accuracy and decrease overall costs related to creating assay ready plates.



Because your discovery environment is unlike any other, you need a reliable partner who fully understands your goals. Brooks listens, learns, strategizes and advises, making it easy to plan and fine-tune automation systems for your unique workflows.

Brooks offers comprehensive, lifelong product support to maximize system uptimes and keep your scientists productive. Our highly skilled team supports you through installation, training, system upgrades, annual service and modifications that can extend the life of existing automation systems. Wherever the world’s top pharmaceutical and agriscience businesses are working on new, life-changing products, Brooks has a sample automation solution to accelerate their quest.


At Brooks Life Sciences, we know that good science depends on good samples. Our mission is all about serving people and organizations that are dedicated to generating the highest quality of science. Brooks works behind the scenes to support the world’s top research initiatives to find better treatments for mankind’s most serious and life-threatening diseases.

Our sample solutions cover every point in the lifespan of tissue, serum, blood, cellular and other biologic samples. Researchers and biobanks in every corner of the world depend on Brooks to collect, transport, process, protect, store, retrieve and dispose of high-value biologic samples. If your organization handles biologic samples within academia, biobanking, government, a research foundation, the pharmaceutical industry or any related field of discovery, Brooks is a comprehensive resource for all your sample requirements.

Sample Storage & Services

Our automated onsite storage systems preserve samples at temperatures as low as -190°C, preventing temperature cycling that can degrade the integrity of these valuable biospecimens. Brooks systems also incorporate advanced data management software to help scientists share sample information and enable discovery.

Clients that require offsite storage have access to our worldwide biological storage facilities, where highly skilled people are trained to follow industry best practices and SOP’s for managing cold chain of custody requirements for any kind of sample. Whether your needs are for archival storage, daily shipments or low- or high-volume retrieval and processing, Brooks can design a solution to meet your needs. Our advanced expertise can help you improve inventory management and workflows, with products that are customized for the way your organization uses samples. 

Scientists who set a high standard for their results choose the very best methods for sample storage and processing. Brooks is a dependable partner for lifelong care and support of your sample collections.

Clients choose Brooks to:

  • Broaden research opportunities through better access to data and biologic samples
  • Capture more lab space
  • Improve the efficiency of labs and biobanks using state-of-the-art automation consumables and instruments
  • Make cryopreservation and retrieval of valuable cellular samples simpler and safer with dependable, smart technology and equipment
  • Organize and consolidate large sample collections
  • Protect and store critical clinical and discovery sample sets which are used to develop the next life-changing therapies
  • Safeguard sample storage with redundant power and advanced monitoring technologies
  • Store, process and protect any type of biospecimen, and transport samples and sample collections of any size or type—to and from any location in the world