CryoPod™ LN2 Filling Station

Safe, simple, precise, hands-free LN2 filling — the automatic filling station enables fast and simple replenishing of the CryoPod’s LN2 supply.

The CryoPod filling station enables single-button, hands-free, LN2 filling of the CryoPod carrier.  It can connect to existing LN2 supply, either portable dewar or bulk LN2 supply lines.


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Key Features
  • Safe: the user has no contact with LN2 or dangerously cold surfaces
  • Simple: single push button operation, walk away until ready
  • Precise: exactly fills the CryoPod carrier for maximum hold time
  • Fast: charges the carrier in 10 minutes or less
  • Flexible: Keeps CryoPod below -150° C by recharging before it warms
  • Installable: can connect to existing LN2 supply