Trust your manufactured products to the premier name in ultra-low cold storage. cold storage

When storing, managing, and distributing active pharmaceutical ingredients, bulk drug substances, or finished drug products in its journey from development to commercialization - look no further.  

Brooks Life Sciences understands the challenges drug manufacturers like pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs face - starting with ultra-low temperature environments. Manufactured drug products have rigorous storage standards with specific needs which are critical for the efficacy and shelf-life of temperature sensitive drugs.  Adherence to these requirements can be very challenging, especially when the products need to be transported from/to various points-of-use.  Our experts specialize in cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) controlled temperature storage as well as cold chain management to help safeguard the integrity and quality of your indispensable products. 

From ambient temperature to our core competency in ULTRA-LOW STORAGE - we maintain a secure cold chain of custody. 


 Storage Temperature Capabilities                               Types of Material Stored

  • Ambient
  • Refrigerated
  • Freezer (-20°C to -30°C)
  • Ultra-low Freezer (-40°C to -80°C)
  • Liquid Nitrogen (-150°C to -196°C)
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
  • Bulk Drug Substances
  • Finished Drug Products (Investigational Medicinal Drugs and Commercialized)     
  • Retains




cGMP Storage


STORAGE  Fully licensed and accredited cGMP repositories maintain cold storage for investigational medicinal products to commercialized drug products - retains, vaccines, cell lines, mRNA, and other therapeutic material. 

Pharma Logistics

LOGISTICS  Maintaining the integrity and quality of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) to finished drug products needing exact temperature requirements during transport is our specialty. Our end-to-end logistics solutions include transporting bulk shipments in our fleet of mobile biorepositories or arranging shipments to/from our global cGMP facilities. 

Inventory Management

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT  Users access material data through a secure CFR, Part 11 Compliant Software, providing real-time visibility to inventory and complete audit trail.

Deviations in temperatures can significantly affect a drug's efficacy, cost companies a substantial amount of money and delay bringing your drug to market.  When small to large scale CDMOs, pharma, and biotech companies demand ultra-low storage or distribution services for their products - they look to Brooks.  Our highly specialized team works with you to develop a comprehensive, custom plan to receive, distribute, and manage your material. 

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  • Over 200,000 sq. ft. dedicated to ultra-low storage
  • EMA and PMDA certified for cGMP storage
  • National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and US State Board of Pharmacy License
  • GTP licensed by the USA FDA

  • Multiple redundancy systems
  • Over 150+ unwavering best practices and QMS for regulated storage and logistics
  • 21CFR, Part 11 Compliant software with 24/7 access to inventory records
  • Safe and secure cold chain storage and chain of custody tracking

Biorepository Locations



cGMP Storage and Distribution                         

  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Griesheim, Germany


cGMP Storage

  • Bronx, NY, USA 

  • Cleveland, OH, USA 

  • Fresno, CA, USA

  • Beijing, China

  • Montreal, Canada 

  • Singapore, Singapore