At Brooks Life Sciences, we understand that good science depends on good samples. Our priority is to prevent temperature cycling that can degrade the integrity of valuable biological material used for research. Our team takes extreme pride in our client’s material, and are ready to support the world’s leading research organizations transportation and cold-chain logistic needs. 

Every client’s needs are unlike any other, and you need a reliable partner who understands the complete relocation process to ensure samples arrive on time and without any temperature excursions. Brooks highly specialized cold-chain logistics and relocation team will work with every client to develop a comprehensive, customized plan. 

Researchers and biobanks around the world depend on Brooks Life Sciences to collect, transport, process, protect, store retrieve and dispose of the high-value biological material. Brooks is a comprehensive resource for all your sample management requirements.



Sample Transport and Lab Moving Service

Brooks Life Sciences offers a full suite of lab transport services ranging from a material-only move, lab relocation management projects, chemical packaging and transport, and lab animal move. When disaster strikes, our mobile biorepositories are often called on by academic institutes, hospitals, and private companies to relocate biobanks that are threatened by weather or other conditions.

Our highly-trained staff follows the industries best practices and stringent SOP’s for managing a complete cold-chain of custody. Our experts are IATA, and USDOT trained and certified in logistics and packaging. Fully compliant with Federal and State regulations. 

Brooks offers:

  • Trained relocation team – Our staff provides specialized relocation services from one destination to another via our custom built “mobile biorepositories.”
  • On-site logistics team – Brooks can send a team member to your facility to arrange the packaging and shipping of your material or provide pre-conditioned packaging and dry ice fulfillment to your location for your team to handle.
  • Off-site logistics team – Store your material in one of our biobanking facilities, and Brooks will pack and ship your material on dry ice.
  • High-value equipment relocation
  • Chemical packaging and transport – Our team will go to your facility to safely and securely package laboratory chemicals, reagents, and solutions.

Why Brooks?

  • Sample integrity is our priority! 
  • Save researchers time and reduce overall costs
  • Allow researchers to focus on their work, allowing scientists to remain productive
  • Advanced technologies to track your biological sample collections during transit
  • Comprehensive resource for all your biological transport needs