CoolCell SV10

Alcohol-free cell freezing CoolCell SV10 containers for 6 standard 10.0ml injectable ampules ensure controlled-rate -1℃/minute cell freezing in a -80℃ freezer

  • No alcohol or fluids required
  • Consistent heat removal through the freezing period
  • Unbreakable, easy and safe to open when frozen
  • Easy and fast sample vial identification and removal
  • For use with stem cells, primary cells and cell lines
  • CoolCell controlled-rate alcohol-free cell freezing containers provide a highly reproducible -1℃/minute freezing rate when placed in a -80℃ freezer, with no alcohol or fluids required
  • The patent-pending CoolCell technology utilizes a thermo-conductive alloy core and highly-insulative outer material to control the rate of heat removal to provide reproducible cell cryopreservation
  • The insulative outer housing and thermo-conductive solid state core ensure consistent heat removal to all vials throughout the freezing period
  • CoolCell containers can replace isopropanol-based freezing containers such as Mr. Frosty by ThermoFisher Scientific and others, which can consume up to 12l per year of IPA and cost hundreds of dollars per unit per year to maintain
Key Features
Secure sample preservation
  • No variability in freeze rate, all vials have uniform freeze rate
  • Radially symmetric design ensures vial consistency
  • Quick removal of frozen vials due to exposed vial tops, and beveled junction between base and lid
Ease and safety of use
  • Unbreakable
  • Ergonomic lid comes off easily when frozen
  • Not cold to the touch when removed from -80°C freezer
  • Quick reuse time: the containers are ready to use again after 5 minutes
Competitive and cost saving option
  • The units deliver comparable results to expensive programmable freezers
  • No fluids (e.g. alcohol) or precooling needed, can save 12l/unit of IPA per year
  • No on-going cost due to elimination of hazardous solvents or alcohol purchase and disposal
Broad cell compatibility
  • Primary cells, including WBCs, human cardiac, muscle, mouse
  • Cell lines, including CHO, LnCap, HTB77, A549, HeLa
  • Stem cells, including human and mouse embryonic, breast and colon cancer, preadipocytes, progenitor, human endothelial, glioblastoma
Parameter CoolCell SV10
Container dimensions (diam x H) 9.5 x 14.5cm
Well diameter 15.2mm
For use with 6 standard 10.0ml injectable ampules, 5.0ml fill per ampule
Ordering Information

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Part number Description
CoolCell SV10
Freezing container for 6 x 10.0ml injectable cell therapy ampules
BCS-262 purple; 1 container
Combi packs
BCS-262CS CoolCell SV10 Stem Cell Cryopreservation System
Includes 1 CoolCell SV10 container, 1 XT Starter, 1 CoolRack SV10; 1 kit