Why Brooks Life Sciences

Safe transport of biological material stored under various temperature specifications, regulated chemicals and live research material. 

Brooks Life Sciences, formerly Pacific Scientific Transport, is a premier provider of comprehensive sample transport and lab relocation solutions for the bioscience industry.

With deep industry expertise in transporting regulated biological material, Brooks Life Sciences uses highly specialized cold-chain logistics and relocation teams to provide a full suite of sample relocation services.

Implementing cutting-edge best practices, millions of samples are moved worldwide for all types of, 

  • Laboratories
  • Biopharmaceutical Researchers
  • Genomic Explorer
  • Academic Institutes and more...

These materials vary from, 

  • Tissue Samples
  • Irreplaceable Blood Samples
  • Laboratory Chemicals
  • Lab Research Material
  • High-value Equipment and More...

Biological transport is a specialized business. When moving regulated material it is important to find an experienced lab relocation partner with in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, the science and complexity of cryopreservation, and sample transport security. Our cold-chain logistics and lab moving experts handle every sample with the utmost care.


  • Industry-Leading Flexibility: Our biological transport and lab relocation team can handle material-only moves, transport material within customer-owned or Brooks-owned freezers, and provide origin-to-destination relocation moves.
  • We Come to You: We can collect samples from the research site itself, other storage centers, testing laboratories, or company headquarters.
  • Capable of Handling Various Temperature Ranges: Controlled temperature environments ranging from ambient to -190°C.
  • Laboratory Chemical Relocation: Our drivers are certified to safely pack and transport lab chemicals in compliance with the US Department of Transportation.
Ensuring sample integrity during the relocation process is our number one priority!



Our Trucks - Our Drivers

  • Trucks to Protect Your Shipment: Custom-built, company-owned trucks outfitted with redundancies.
  • Eco-friendly Sample Transport: Trucks aerodynamic bodies and enhanced engine technology increases fuel efficiency and reduces our carbon footprint.  
  • Multiple Redundancies in Place: At temperature back-up freezers and LN2 supply on trucks during transit. Diesel powered generators provide redundant power, keeping freezers powered at all times. 24/7 alarmed security and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant temperature monitoring.
  • Licenses, Training, and Certifications: USDoT special permits to transport controlled and biological material. Our experts are IATA, and USDoT trained and certified in logistics and packaging. Fully compliant with Federal and State regulations. 
  • Relocation Project Management: Our highly trained and licensed professionals help customers develop a comprehensive move plan, allowing scientists and lab staff to focus on their research with minimal risk and downtime.


Special Permits & Certifications

IATA                 USDOT                   Calif Resource                    RSPA

Additional Services

A trusted partner within the lab moving community.
  • Lab Relocation Management
  • Regulated Chemical Packaging and Shipping
  • Cold Room Material Relocation
  • Temporary Facility Shutdown
  • Equipment Rental and Leasing
  • Validation Services
  • High-Value Insurance
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Risk Mitigation Planning
  • cGMP Storage