A global network of biorepositories and co-located sample bioprocessing laboratories in North America, Europe and Asia adhere to consistent best-practice protocols as subject matter experts will partner with your team to configure sample lifecycle management solutions for your workflows.

The benchmark in sample management.

sample lifecycle


PlanPLAN  We develop sample lifecycle solutions, protocols, and continuity plans based on your research goals, sample types, and project priorities.

CollectCOLLECT  Our cold-chain logistics support active clinical trials. We will consolidate your sample assets into an efficient on-site or off-site biobank at the end of a study.


transportTRANSPORT  We guarantee and auditable chain of custody for each sample. Relocation teams partner with leading international surface and air carriers to securely ship individual samples or entire biobanks  or relocate complete laboratories anywhere across North America.


ProcessPROCESS  Our configurable hardware and software solutions for sample preparation, cell line, genomics and genetic services, and data management meet the highest expectations of leading global organizations.

protectPROTECT  Carefully monitored and controlled-temperature environments. Secure access facilities. FDA-compliant software. Purpose-built redundancies. We count for every possible standard in protecting your sample and data assets.

retrieveRETRIEVE  Our biorepository network guarantees sample retrieval and secure shipment within 24 hours of a request. That's for one vial or one thousand anywhere in the world.

analyzeANALYZE  Sample value comes from the data contained within. Our single platform informatics and data integration solutions empower your discovery and development decisions.

reuseRE-USE  The usability of samples is extended by securing the highest integrity, sample prep, and bioprocessing based on best-practice protocols. We collaborate with customers to realize efficiencies by maximizing the value of their sample assets.

disposeDISPOSE  Our protocol holds samples in storage for 30 days after a customer requests disposal, just in case there is a need for usage. Once incineration does take place, we provide full documentation of sample disposal.




Key Features
  • Certified Sample Managers: Brooks maintains a Good Tissue Practice (GTP) license for storing and distributing human cells, tissue, and cellular and tissue-based products through the FDA. We are also a licensed tissue bank in New York, California, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, and Oregon.
  • Real-Time Sample Tracking: Our proprietary sample tracking software solution, BioInventory, allows customers 24/7 access to sample inventory and a shipment audit trail.
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Software: Our database keeps track of the movement and condition of all samples within our database, allowing you to prepare for audits and monitor compliance.
  • Business Continuity: Our biorepositories are each equipped with multiple redundancy systems to ensure the highest sample integrity, even in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.
  • Sample Bioprocessing: Most of our biorepositories are co-located with laboratories for bioprocessing services that include sample preparation, cell line and genomic, and genetic analysis services.
  • True Best Practices: Our comprehensive sample lifecycle management solutions have been developed around 150+ industry best-practices, many of which set the industry benchmark for excellence.