UltraVision™ Plate 96 Well

Ultra-clear base imaging microplate

Transmission Wavelength Graph for the UltraVision™ Plate 96 Well
  • The main advantage of using UltraVision™ Plates is in the optically ultra-clear base of the plate, which gives superior results by delivering low absorbance and high transmission, together with low background signals
  • Not only this, but due to its incredible optical clarity, the ultra-clear base of the UltraVision™ Plate delivers improved transmission of signals at low wavelengths compared to standard optical films (see graph below)
  • It allows DNA measurements at 260/280nm wavelengths in a medium or high throughput
Key Features
  • Free from DNase, RNase and human genomic DNA
  • Ultra-clear base improves transmission for low wavelengths
  • Optimum signal-to-noise ratios
  • Alphanumeric grid reference to aid well and sample identification
  • Suitable for adhesive and heat sealing
Ordering Information

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Part number Description
UltraVision™ Plate 96 Well
Ultra-clear base imaging microplate
4ti-0234 non-sterile, clear; 30 plates
4ti-0290 Universal Microplate Lid; 50 lids