FluidX X-CAP Semi-Automatic Septum Cap Sealer for Sample Storage Tubes

The X-CAP provides electronic semi-automatic sealing of microtubes and microplates in a 96 well format rack.

Suitable for use with all 96 well format FluidX™ tubes with TPE septum caps, Micronic TPE capmats, Thermo-Matrix sepraseals and Abgene™ sealing mats.


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Key Features

TubeLock function
  • Cycle time for capping is 20-30 seconds, depending on tube type
  • Using X-CAP in conjunction with FluidX racks featuring TubeLock enables automatic locking and unlocking of tubes within the rack
  • Simply place a rack in the X-CAP drawer, with a TPE septum cap mat fitted loosely on top. Push the drawer shut, and the capping action will start automatically. Once all caps have been inserted, the drawer will open automatically and the sealed rack of tubes can be removed
  • Individual sample tubes can be pushed downwards to lock and  pulled upwards to unlock in rack
  • For a faster approach, X-CAP, with an adapter set, can be used to lock, or unlock, all tubes in a 96-format rack simultaneously
  • FluidX racks with TubeLock are dual position, allowing tubes to be locked in place for added sample security during handling

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
46-2004 X-CAP Semi-Automatic Septum Capper (adapter set included)