FluidX 2D Barcoded 2.0ml Cryo Tube non-jacket with External Thread

  • 2D-barcodes readable without removing tubes from racks
  • 2D-barcode laser etched in high-contrast on base of FluidX sample storage tubes offers a secure audit trail for sample identification and sample tracking, and a permanent link between sample and data
  • Suitable for cryogenic storage

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  • FluidX 2D-Barcoded 2.0ml external thread Cryo tubes carry a unique and permanent high-contrast 2D-barcode tube identifier on the base of the tube
  • Designed and developed with broad compatibility in mind. FluidX tubes perform without compromise in conjunction with automated barcode reading, capping and sample management systems from FluidX and all other industry-recognised manufacturers


2.0ml Non-Jacket Cryo Tubes
Tube Height (mm) 40.0
Tube Height with Cap (mm) 47.1
Inner Diameter (mm) 9.8
Outer Diameter with Cap (mm) 13.1
Center to Center (mm) 13.5
Minimum Temperature (°C) -196

Key Features

Secure Sample Storage and Tracking


  • Permanent 2D barcode laser-etched in high-contrast on the tube base
  • External thread tubes provide greater working volume than internal thread tubes
  • FluidX tubes have been leak tested to ensure sample security


Screw Caps

  • Automation-friendly External Screwcap to support medium to high-throughput users
  • Cap and tube manufactured from the same material, preventing differential expansion during freeze-thaw cycles
  • Deforming compression seal is more effective than a silicone alternative
  • Double-start thread engages in a maximum rotation of 180°, facilitating automation





Ordering Information

Part Number Description
65-7501 2.0ml Non-Jacket Cryo Tube, 2D Coded, external thread screw cap, orange cap, sterile, Bag/100
64-7501 2.0ml Non-Jacket Cryo Tube, Non-Coded, external thread screw cap, orange cap, sterile, Bag/100
65-9452 48 Way Rack with LidLock, (2 Piece Rack Base) Open bottom for reading on XTR range of rack reader
65-9458 48 Way Rack with LidLock, New "Heart Rack", (single piece rack base) Open bottom for reading on XTR range of rack reader.
65-1700 White 9x9 Polypropylene cryo rack with clear lid. 10 Racks per Case
65-1701 White 10x10 Polycarbonate Cryo Rack with Clear Lid, 10 Racks per Case
65-7572 External thread screw caps, orange. Bulk. 1000/bag.