Our History

Brooks Life Sciences believes in the power of research to reveal cures for mankind’s most devastating diseases. As a partner to the world’s leading research organizations, Brooks delivers everything science needs to protect the quality of biological samples and accelerate the pace of innovation and discovery for brighter and healthier tomorrows. Brooks invites you to learn more about our evolution as a global leader in comprehensive sample management solutions.


October 2017
Brooks Life Sciences acquires 4titude, Ltd., a privately-held manufacturer of scientific consumables for biological sample materials used in a variety of genomic and DNA analytical applications. 4titude is widely recognized for its innovative range of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) plates, seals, and related bench-top instrumentation.

August 2017
Brooks Life Sciences acquires certain assets from RURO, Inc. These assets include the FreezerPro® web-based software and an exclusive license agreement to sell and distribute BioBankPro® software. FreezerPro and BioBankPro expand Brooks' software offerings into a full range of informatic solutions that address any size laboratory, biobank or enterprise managing biological samples. 

July 2017
Brooks Life Sciences acquires Pacific Bio-Material Management, Inc., a premier provider of biobank storage and cold-chain logistics for biological sample materials. The purchase improves our ability to provide to US customer nationwide transport, cold-chain transport and relocation services from coast-to-coast, as well as the storage of precious research samples.

November 2016
Brooks Life Sciences buys Cool Lab, LLC, a subsidiary of BioCision, LLC. The purchase culminates a two-year collaboration between the two companies, which have developed new products designed to bring customers advanced temperature control solutions and better sample integrity, quality and utility across the cold chain of custody.

November 2015
Eyeing improved efficiencies and more extensive sample management solutions for its broad customer base, Brooks Life Sciences buys BioStorage Technologies, Inc., an Indianapolis-based company known as an industry leader in comprehensive sample lifecycle management of biological samples for multiple markets. The acquisition of BioStorage Technologies gives the pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical, healthcare, academic and government sectors access to comprehensive resources for outsourced services throughout the life of biological samples, including collection, transportation, processing, protection, retrieval and disposal. BioStorage Technologies allows Brooks to offer more robust systems for sample data management.

October 2014
Expanding its ability to offer advanced sample storage products to researchers, Brooks Life Sciences acquires FluidX, a British company that is a leader in 2D tube technology, consumable products, and instrumentation designed to protect biological samples. The acquisition positions Brooks to expand its product line with state-of-the-art sample storage consumables, 2D readers, Tri-code tubes and capping and decapping instruments.

March 2014
Brooks Life Sciences acquires a 22 percent equity interest in BioCision LLC and agrees to make subsequent investments on December 22, 2014 and February 2, 2015, amounting to $5 million. These investments strengthen the Brooks line of cryopreservation products designed to improve and standardize tools and methods for biomaterial sample handling.

August 2013
The acquisition of Matrical Inc. enhances the Brooks Life Sciences line of biological sample preparation, management and storage solutions. This $10 million investment expands our capabilities for customers in the agriculture, biotech, life science and pharmaceutical markets.

December 2011
Brooks Life Sciences buys the cellular imaging system unit of Cyntellect, Inc. The acquisition allows Brooks to expand its product line with cellular imaging technology for high-throughput research environments.

July 2011
Our $79 million purchase of Nexus Biosystems Inc. strengthened our position as a leading innovator in biobanking and compound sample management. The acquisition brought customers advanced technology and worldwide access to sales and support of Brooks Life Sciences sample management solutions.

April 2011
Brooks Automation identifies life sciences as an underserved market where our core competencies in automation and cryogenic solutions could serve researchers and grow our business. In 2011, Brooks acquired RTS Life Sciences—an acquisition that started us a path toward becoming a worldwide leader in automated sample storage systems.