With solutions across the Sample Management Lifecycle, Brooks Life Sciences is committed to supporting researchers throughout the outbreak of 2019-nCoV/SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 / Coronavirus). Our facilities are spread globally and are working around the clock to ensure services, production and support of our customers is not interrupted. If you are carrying out Research and Development into COVID-19 we have prepared an overview of our most relevant Products and Services to ease your desk research – and if you have any urgent questions please do not hesitate to ‘Contact an Expert’ here.

qPCR Accuracy Matters

qPCR Accuracy Matters

qPCR accuracy matters now more than ever. That’s why you should get your qPCR plates from the market leading supplier – 4titude FrameStar PCR plates.

Combined with optically clear seals which are perfect for qPCR 4titude FrameStar plates are compatible with a wide range of instruments including tailor-made plates for the Roche Lightcycler®.


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Avoid Bottlenecks in Processing

Avoid Bottlenecks in Processing

With a sudden and unexpected increase in throughput, it is natural that bottlenecks in processing will appear. A common bottle neck is during sample tube capping/decapping – that’s where IntelliXcap comes in.

Capable of capping and decapping a full rack of sample tubes in either 24, 48 or 96 format on a fully automated platform, IntelliXcap is here to support your sample processing.


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Keep Track of Samples

Keep Track of Samples

Due to the increase in throughput of samples, it may be necessary to implement or bolster current sample tracking methods for future research or audit purposes.

There are 3 key areas that can help with sample tracking; FluidX Sample Storage Tubes, Perception HD Readers and FreezerPro. These 3 key pieces of technology help you store, decode and trace all the sample in your lab and can be implemented with ease.


Sample Tubes Perception Readers FreezerPro

Cold Chain Management

Risk Mitigation

Uncertainty around the health and storage of your materials can be stressful. Risk mitigation efforts to keep the cold chain unbroken for COVID research and vaccine development have helped customers navigate these uncertain times, as they rethink storage and distribution strategies.

Requirement for consistency in sample protection, monitoring and storage has never been more prevalent. Take a look at -80°C automated storage and its importance in the cold chain sequence; and CryoPod as an intra-lab device transporting materials while demonstrating consistent, documented cold chain.


BioStore™ IIIv CryoPod™


Business Continuity

Business Continuity

As a trusted sample management partner, we remain committed to facilitating your research. Our risk management resources can help you maintain the cold chain of your samples and biological products. Here are some resources to help you plan for efficient, safe, and cost-effective storage of samples:

A business continuity and risk mitigation plan. Learn how to develop a plan and what five key elements to include

One-on-one time with an expert. Schedule a meeting with a BLS leader to address any questions you may have about mitigating your risks for cold storage


Develop a Plan 5 Key Elements One-on-One

Sample Preparation & Processing

Sample Preparation and Processing

With the increased urgency for research results, timely analysis of samples is critical. Sample preparation services at our storage facilities expedite sample utilization. Services include aliquoting, blood fractionation, PBMC isolation, and nucleic acid extraction.

Additionally, GENEWIZ’s robust portfolio of DNA sequencing and gene synthesis capabilities offer high quality data and constructs when you need them the most.


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COVID Sample Storage & Retrieval

COVID Sample Storage and Retrieval

Not adhering to protocols affects every aspect of the value chain, especially when considering sample storage in the vaccine era. Research groups are often required to demonstrate a consistent and documented chain of custody. As they strive to create new and life-saving diagnostic and treatment solutions, automation is and will continue to be vital to success.

When it comes to COVID19 testing and positive samples archiving, automated storage offers fast and accurate handling and documentation. With efficient inventory interactions which are scalable and repeatable, automated storage reduces manual handling, and supports increased volumes of testing.

Automated Stores