Sample management teams at leading pharmaceutical companies around the world manage massive libraries of compound samples and associated data. Brooks Life Science Systems solutions combine deep application experience with proven, highly reliable technology to maximize sample integrity and availability. From sample acquisition and storage to high-throughput compound screening, we provide flexible, modular solutions that offer the security and reliability that assure accurate, on-time order fulfillment, reduced costs, and high throughput.

Typical Pathway


Brooks Solutions

Pathway 1.jpg    Material Acquisition & Storage

  • Acquisition of raw chemical compounds (typically powders) and development of storage strategies

Pathway 2.jpg    Compound Solubilization & Storage

  • Compound samples are mixed and solubilized in DMSO.
  • Samples are identified (1D barcode or 2D code) and placed in storage.

Pathway 3.jpg    Sample Access & Cohort Development

  • Assay development requests are received from internal researchers.
  • Sample order is created; samples are picked from storage.

Pathway 4.jpg    Assay-Ready Plate Creation

  • Workcells (that may be integrated with the store) process samples to create assay-ready plates for screening.

Pathway 5.jpg    Drug Hit Confirmation & Lead Optimisation

  • Assay-ready plates are presented for high-throughput screening and drug candidate discovery.
  • Complex sample picking and formatting required:
    • Multiple small fast turn around orders
    • Does response experiments
  • Ever faster deign- make-test- analyse cycles required.