Cold Chain of Custody Management

Reliable cold chain of custody management practices maintain the integrity of your sensitive materials, allowing you to produce consistent, top quality products. Whether you are moving an entire lab or just transporting a few samples, you can rely on our experience, skill and equipment to protect your materials and maintain accountability throughout the cold chain.

cold chain logistics
  • Expert cold-chain logistics focused on cGMP-compliant transport and handling
  • Compliance through chain-of-custody management
  • Total control of your sample inventory
  • Reduced costs through customized cost strategies

The cold chain distribution process is an extension of the good manufacturing practice (GMP) environment that all drugs and biological products are required to adhere to, enforced by the various health regulatory bodies. As such, the distribution process must be validated to ensure that there is no negative impact to the safety, efficacy or quality of the drug or biological substance. The GMP environment requires that all processes that might impact the safety, efficacy or quality of the substance must be validated, including storage and distribution of the drug substance.

Our company is equipped to transfer entire collections and/or individual samples. We carefully control and monitor the temperature and other environmental conditions. Our technicians understand and follow current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) and satisfy all regulatory requirements.

We oversee the entire cold chain of custody process and maintain total control of your samples at all times. This allows us to keep both costs and errors to a minimum. Feel free to contact us for more information on the best cold chain solutions for your laboratory. We can help address gaps in your current cold chain management or start an entirely new system.

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