Today, research companies around the world are successfully accelerating new breakthroughs in the treatment of mankind’s most serious and debilitating diseases.

Brooks Life Sciences is proud to partner with research scientists across the globe and to support the search for new medical cures by delivering the industry’s most innovative portfolio of sample management solutions. Our products, services and technology are empowering research advancements and creating hope for the delivery of healthier and brighter tomorrows to individuals around the world.

The world’s top researchers trust Brooks to help them care for chemical compounds and biological samples used to discover, develop and deliver new medicines and therapies. The pace of their work is urgent to families awaiting treatments that can save, extend or improve quality of life for a loved one.

At Brooks, we accelerate life-changing discoveries with advanced products, services and information systems designed to help clients unlock new information within every sample. Our global team of experts can customize solutions to safely handle any stage of a sample’s lifespan—including sample planning, collection, transport, processing, storage, analytics, retrieval, and disposal.

Clients count on Brooks to keep samples secure, viable and accessible, so they can stay focused on generating the highest quality of research as quickly as possible.

As a global leader in innovative sample management solutions, Brooks partner with researchers in every market––from government agencies and not-for-profit research foundations to academic research institutions, agriculture, pharmaceutical, healthcare, health and wellness companies and many other businesses in the life sciences and biotech sectors.

Whether your life’s work is dedicated to discovering new products, finding tomorrow’s cures, or supporting people who do either form of research, Brooks is ready to serve your organization.