Webinar: Protecting Complete Sample Chain of Custody

Protecting Complete Sample Chain of Custody



Implementation of biobanking best practices and analytical platform standardization are two important components for any data generation associated with state of the art biobanks that support precision medicine applications. Sample collection, pre-analytical variables, controlled environment storage and sample processing can often have a large impact on the quality of biomaterials. This roundtable will describe how to standardize biobanking efforts in a manner commensurate with both academic and industrial partnerships. Data will be presented on the governance of biosample collections, standardization efforts, and quality control harmonization for biosamples as well as global best practices for the regulatory oversight of national and commercial biobank resources. Finally, a review of several international programs will illustrate how collaborative efforts are helping advance integrated biobanking precision medicine across many research and clinical areas.


Learning Objectives:

  • Discussion on biobank standards and how they impact sample chain of custody
  • Discussion on sample management and processing quality control tools and how they enable harmonization
  • Discussion on collaborative biobank efforts in precision medicine

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