Webinar: Continuous Improvement in Sample Management


Continuous Improvement in Sample Management



Implementation of Lean Methodology in Biobanking Operations to standardize sample management processes is effective. Each process has ‘Value Add’ (VA) & ‘Non-value add’ (NVA) components. The non-value add components are considered waste – although it is important to keep in mind that certain NVA components can be required (NVAR) and enforced by regulatory agency and/or company policies. It is important to eliminate waste from the processes as it can lower the profitability, increase customer costs, decrease quality and even decrease employee satisfaction.


The 7 wastes of Lean include:

  1. Motion: Unnecessary movement of people, parts, machines within a process.

  2. Inventory: Raw material, Work in progress, finished goods which isn’t having value added to it.

  3. Defects: People/material that waits for a work cycle to be completed.

  4. Over processing: Processing beyond the standard required by the customer.

  5. Overproduction: Produce sooner, faster or in greater quantity than customer demand.

  6. Waiting: Repetition/correction of a process.

  7. Transportation: Unnecessary movement of people/material between processes.


Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Lean methodology
  • Introduction to the 7 wastes of Lean

  • Overview of project examples when applying these concepts to BioBanking


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