A Path Towards Sustainability - ISO 20387 Accreditation of a Cornell Biobank

In January 2019, the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) introduced the ISO 20387 Biobank Accreditation Program. This third party accreditation offered an independent review of an organization’s compliance with ISO 20387 - General Requirements for Biobanking, the first standard released by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) exclusively for biobanks. In this workshop we explore how accreditation to ISO 20387 can improve biobank sustainability, by using the case example of the first biobank in the world to receive accreditation to this standard - the Cornell Veterinary Biobank.

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Webinar A Path Towards Sustainability



  • Dr Lara Mouttham, PhD, Laboratory Coordinator, Cornell Veterinary Biobank
  • Susan J. Garrison, LVT, BT, Sample Collection Coordinator, Cornell Veterinary Biobank


Learning Objectives:

  • Biobank Sustainability Dimensions
  • Biobank Sustainability Practices
  • Types of Conformity Assessment and Attestation
  • Importance of Biobank Accreditation
  • Case Study of Sustainability Improvements through Accreditation



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