7 of 8:The Effect of Storage Temperature and Repetitive Temperature Cycling

Stem cells are normally transported and stored at either -80°C or below -150°C in LN2 vapor. Best practices typically recommend storing below the glass transition (Tg) of water, approx -135°C. In industry however, there is discussion about, but limited experimental research surrounding cell recovery/viability of -80°C vs. -190°C.

Additionally, at either storage temperature samples are typically repeatedly exposed to the ambient environment when adjacent samples are accessed. This temperature cycling is believed to decrease cell viability as it induces thermal cycling stresses on the cells. Due to many variables affecting post thaw functionality, standardization should be used where possible, such as cells should be processed and stored in a closed system and have their temperature, transient exposures and access controlled and monitored.

This paper’s objective is to demonstrate the impact of both storage temperature and thermal cycling on the post thaw viability and functionality of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs).

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Transient Warming Rates


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