Brooks Life Sciences understands that regenerative medicines are temperature-sensitive and inherently fragile. They require an extremely specialized approach that involves cold storage temperature control, transport and scheduling in order to maintain ultimate product integrity.

Brooks works side-by-side with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to support their regenerative medicine and cell therapy research and development. In order to maintain integrity and functionality, these therapeutics must undergo rigorous quality control and sample handling procedures throughout the manufacturing and storage processes. Researchers and manufacturers must have confidence their valuable cells will not be mishandled or exposed to damaging warming events.

Providing a best-in-class sample storage and intralab sample transport and logistics, Brooks ensures that security and quality control is maintained. Pharmaceutical companies and contract manufacturers trust Brooks’ solutions to enhance discovery and production of regenerative medicines and cell therapies. Provider hospitals have turned to Brooks’ for their innovative ability to track sample management, consent management, and sample requisition history. Additionally, patient hub services benefit from Brooks’ integrated cryostorage and logistics platform.

Key Processes

  • Donor cell and tissue harvesting: Cells and tissues must be transported to the lab for storage according to rigorous SOP’s. Brooks offers sample collection kits, transport services and systems, and automated cryostorage solutions to meet those requirements.
  • Cell isolation and purification: Retainment samples of starting cell population must be preserved. Samples must be collected and managed under precise temperature parameters for in-process testing. Brooks’ proprietary offsite and on-site sample management, sample transport, and cryostorage solutions facilitate this work.
  • Manufactured therapies: In addition to master cell retainment samples, finished product retains are also required. Brooks provides on-site and off-site solutions, including transport and cryogenic sample storage which exceeds the current industry requirements, providing an unmatched level of documentation and temperature stability for your valuable therapies. 
  • 21-CFR-11 sample chain of custody and reporting: Brooks’ automated storage solutions are IQ/OQ/PQ validated to help mitigate supply chain risks. Informatics are integrated with Brooks cryostorage solutions to provide reporting and documentation of all levels of storage and monitoring.