Brooks knows our service can only be the best in the industry if our people are trained, certified, and fully understand the definition of quality. The security and integrity of your research samples are the standard by which we judge ourselves. To ensure we’re doing all we can, we conduct quarterly internal audits of each of our global biorepositories in the United States, Germany, Singapore, and China. We also enlist independent auditors to evaluate our practices. This ensures our operating procedures are practically fail-proof, though we never take that fact for granted. Whether we’re using a mobile biorepository to transport a lab or storing your samples until they’re needed, our customers’ success and satisfaction is ours.

Our Quality Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 Registered – We are certified by NSF for our facilities in the US and Europe.

College of American Pathologists (CAP) Biorepository Accreditation--accredited since January 2013

National Quality Assurance (NQA ) Global Assurance Certificate (ISO 9001:2015 ) UK –accredited since April 2017

National Quality Assurance (NQA ) Global Assurance Certificate (ISO 9001:2015 ) US – accredited since April 2017

GTP (Good Tissue Practices) — registered by the FDA for the storage and distribution of human cells, tissues and cellular and tissue-based products (License #3004757032).

Key Features

Full Redundancy: All sample data is backed up every day on redundant servers. Backup freezers are load-tested weekly to ensure continuous temperature control. Within seconds of an outage, power is transferred to a backup generator. 

Supply Back-Ups: Constant resupply of diesel fuel, nitrogen and dry ice ensure that our business essentials are readily available

24/7 Vigilance: Brooks employs 24/7 video surveillance procedures that ensure the security of our samples. From monitoring temperature via remote sensors to controlling access to the samples themselves, Brooks maintains all the samples we are trusted with in a safe environment. Sample location or security is never in question.