XPeel® Automated Plate Seal Removal

XPeel automatically removes seals from a wide range of microplate types with the single touch of a button.

A robust and elegantly-simple automated system, XPeel eliminates the need for repetitive, manual plate seal removal.

Allows the adoption of the gold-standard operating model (sealed plates, no lids).


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  • XPeel eliminates the need for microplate lids, and thus improves sample integrity. XPeel can operate in either stand-alone mode, or can be integrated into automated systems. This allows fully-automated seal removal in a wide variety of sample storage environments
  • Automated plate seal removal.
  • The patented XTape® removal medium eliminates the need for mechanical removal mechanisms which can be prone to failure.
  • XPeel is highly reliable, whether used manually or integrated into automation with external robotics
  • XPeel is the industry-standard automated microplate seal remover, allowing the adoption of the gold-standard operating model (sealed plates, no lids) to maximise sample integrity in manual and automated environments
  • XPeel minimises cross contamination, repetitive strain injuries and plate or seal damage characteristic of manual seal removal practices


Key Features

Compatible with Virtually All Plate Types and Seal Types

  • XPeel can be used with a wide variety of microplates, including full-skirted PCR plates, low-base microplates and deep-well (up to 2ml) plates
  • XPeel is compatible with a variety of full-plate seals, including heat and pressure applied seals
  • Uses proprietary XTape to deseal microplates, up to 400 seal removals per XTape roll

Preserves Sample Integrity

  • Helps mitigate cross contamination common with manual seal removal techniques through automated plate seal removal.
  • Supports Quality Control measures requiring samples to be sealed until their moment of use
  • XPeel holds the plate down whilst seal is peeled away from the plate, mitigating another contamination issue
  • Operating mode minimises plate or seal damage
  • Integrated seal removal verification feature reduces plate handling errors

Easy to Use, Easy to Integrate

  • Can be used as stand alone system, or integrated into automated and robotic workflows via Serial RS232 remote interface
  • One-touch, push-button operation for plate seal removal makes XPeel an ideal stand-alone device for busy laboratories
  • Capacity to remove up to 200 plate seals per hour
  • Robust, time-proven device with hundreds of units placed globally in a range of manual and automated environments


XPeel Supports a Range of Applications

  • High Throughput Screening
  • Synthetic Biology 
  • Genomics
  • Compound Management


XPeel® Automated Plate Seal Removal
Seal Removal Capacity Up to 400 per XTape Roll
Seal Verification Sensor Reflective with Sensitivity Adjustment
Communication Serial RS232
Motion Parameters XTape Adhere Time, Unseal Speed, Plate Output Orientation, Begin Peel Location
General Parameters Auto XTape Advance, Plate Verification Menu Language
Weight 35kg (76lbs)
Power Requirements 115VAC, 4A, 60Hz 230VAC, 2A, 50Hz
Throughput Up to 200 Plate Seal Removals Per Hour

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
XP-A_100V North American / Japan version – 100V
XP-A_230V European version – 230V
X-Tape_2000 XTape 5 rolls per box