Vision Plate™ 384 Well

190µm clear base imaging microplate, black frame

  • Vision Plates™ have been designed for high content screening (HCS) assays in drug development and related areas
  • They are also suitable for homogeneous assays, employing fluorescence intensity, FRET and TR-FRET where measurements are bottom-read
  • The high-quality optical base plate assures the necessary accuracy and consistency for automated high throughput systems, generating optimum signal-to-noise ratios
  • Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, we have developed a product which offers several key advantages to the end user
  • Learn more about the features and benefits of the Vision Plate™ range
  • Vision Plates™ are assembled using unique patented laser welding technology which reduces autofluorescence and does not inhibit cell growth
  • Available with 190µm polystyrene base
  • Available TC treated: our advanced tissue-culture (TC) treatment method evenly coats each well for optimal cell adhesion properties for highest reproducibility between wells, plates and batches
Key Features
  • Leak free
  • Free from DNase, RNase, human genomic DNA, and cyto-toxic
  • Optimum signal-to-noise ratios
  • Good cell adhesion
  • Wicking and bubble formation eliminated
  • SBS footprint
  • Alphanumeric grid reference
  • Recommended for confocal microscopy due to reduced cross-talk and superior base flatness
  • Reduced autofluorescence ensures their suitability for fluorescent assays
  • Suitable for assays that measure absorbance in the visible light range (400-900nm wavelengths)
  • Suitable for colorimetric assays
  • Suitable for homogeneous assays
  • Suitable for use in BMG lab tech, Molecular Devices, Promega Glomax and other plate readers
  • Suitable for adhesive and heat sealing: our Moisture Barrier Seal 384 (4ti-0516/384) is recommended as it is optically clear and allows repeated imaging without removal, reducing contamination risks
  • Available with 190µm polystyrene base
  • All plates come sterilized, apart from 4ti-0204
  • TC treated option available (4ti-0201)
  • Collagen 1 treated option available (4ti-0205)
  • Poly D-Lysine treated option available (4ti-0206)
  • Available barcoded upon request; learn more about our barcoding options
Parameter Vision Plate™ 384 Well
Plate length 127.76 ± 0.25mm
Plate width 85.48 ± 0.25mm
Plate height 14.35 ± 0.25mm
Well depth 11.35 ± 0.25mm
Well diameter 3.70 ± 0.10mm
Distance to center of A1 from top edge 8.99 ± 0.25mm
Distance to center of A1 from left edge 12.13 ± 0.25mm
Pitch (distance between A1 and A2) 4.50mm
Ordering Information

Use these part numbers to request a quote, a sample or to contact an expert:

Part number Description
Vision Plate™ 384 Well
190µm clear base imaging microplate, black frame
4ti-0201 sterile, TC treated; 24 plates with lids
4ti-0203 sterile; 30 plates
4ti-0204 non-sterile, untreated; 30 plates
4ti-0205 sterile, Collagen 1 treated; 24 plates with lids
4ti-0206 sterile, Poly D-Lysin treated; 24 plates with lids
4ti-0280 384 Well Microplate Lid; 100 lids
4ti-0281 384 Well Microplate Lid, sterile; 100 lids