TruCool Hinged CryoBox, 81-Place

TruCool Hinged Cryo Boxes, 81-Place have patented hinged lids offering convenience and archival integrity, ensuring markings and vials remain in sync, while minimizing the risk of separation and contamination

  • Lid fastened to the base
  • Easy to open/close even when frozen
  • Accommodate multiple vial sizes
  • Choice of colors
  • TruCool Hinged CryoBoxes feature a patented hinged lid that offers convenience and archival integrity, ensuring IDs and vials remain coordinated
  • To minimize the risk of separation and contamination the lid is fastened to the base, making it easy to open and close even when frozen
  • Feature plastic, adjustable slats that can be moved to accommodate multiple vial sizes
  • Recommended for use at room temperature, 4˚C, -20˚C and -80˚C
  • Not recommended for use in vapor phase LN2 or submerged in LN2; for an alternative suitable for use in vapor phase LN2, see BioCision TruCool Hinged CryoBox, 81-Place, With Holes
Key Features
Reliable sample storage and tracking
  • Easy to close/open and minimized contamination risk due to patented hinged lid
  • Plastic dividers for protection during exposure
  • Laminated fiberboard for durability and water resistance
  • Grid numbers listed on top, inside and bottom for better tracking
  • Choice of color options for easy tracking
Versatility and performance
  • Recommended for use from room temperature to -80˚C
  • Adjustable slats can be moved to accommodate multiple vial sizes
Parameter TruCool Hinged CryoBox, 81-Place
Dimensions (L x W x H) 13.3 x 13.3 x 5.1cm (5.25 x 5.25 x 2.0in)
Storage capacity up to 81 cryogenic vials (1.0 or 2.0ml) or microtubes
Ordering Information

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Part number Description
TruCool Hinged CryoBox, 81-Place
BCS-206 white; 5 boxes
BCS-206B blue; 5 boxes
BCS-206G green; 5 boxes
BCS-206O orange; 5 boxes
BCS-206P purple; 5 boxes
BCS-206PK pink; 5 boxes
BCS-206MC multi-color; 5 boxes (one of each, no white)
BCS-207 white; 50 boxes
BCS-207B blue; 50 boxes
BCS-207G green; 50 boxes
BCS-207O orange; 50 boxes
BCS-207P purple; 50 boxes
BCS-207PK pink; 50 boxes