Strata™ Sample Management Software Upgrades

Our upgrade options and enhancement packages for Strata™ Sample Management Software enable customers advanced management of biosamples and compounds within a SampleStore™, BioStore™ or SE+ automated storage system. These options are available to both new and existing customers, as an enhancement or upgrade to core Strata. The current options are:

  • Strata Core Version Upgrade
  • Throughput and workflow enhancement
  • Advanced storage management
  • Storage optimization
  • BioStore™ sample management
  • Strata™ software is the high-performance engine that drives the sample management process in Brooks Life Sciences' SampleStore™, BioStore™ and SE+ automated storage systems
  • Benefit from an updated iteration of Strata Core Software with an upgrade to an advanced release
  • Our enhancement packages are available whether you are purchasing a new store or determining your next Service level with us, click 'Contact an Expert' to learn more
  • Existing customers: enhancement packages can ensure you get the extended benefit from your current Brooks Life Sciences automated store
  • New customers: enhancement packages can be included in the build of your new automated storage system
  • Learn more about the features and benefits of the Strata™ Sample Management Software
Key Features
  • Improve your workflows 
  • Access to the latest enhanced Strata features
  • Straightforward to enable
  • Low cost with high value return
  • Works in conjunction with latest version of Strata


Package Options
Package Features
Strata Core Software – Latest Version Upgrading to an advanced version of Strata to benefit from updates with new software release
EP1: Throughput and Workflow Enhancement
Single order throughput predictor
Array picking optimization
Store load vs. remove bias switch
Single order picker spanning
Direct load (loading tray without imager)
Load & go
Combining LIMS orders selected by user
LIMS labware trash
EP2: Advanced Storage Management
Advanced time scheduling
Advanced physical area selection
EP3: Storage Optimization
Physical tenancy - Advanced
User / order partitioning
EP4: BioStore Sample Management
Staged storage loader, to prevent warm tray impacting a tray stored above
Sample stabilization during reformatting / output