SampleStore™ II Sample Management System

The SampleStore™ II is a highly flexible and configurable -20°C to room temperature automated sample management system for high-throughput pharmaceutical laboratories, ideal for compound managers requiring speed and reliability for optimized order fulfillment

  • Can accommodate 70,000 to over 10 million tubes
  • Fits the widest range of labware in a single store
  • Dynamic storage shelving
  • Pick rates of over 100,000 tubes in 24 hours

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  • The SampleStore™ II System is an automated sample management system designed to provide the flexibility, and storage density required by high-throughput laboratories. Its modular architecture maximizes flexibility and adaptability for both today’s and tomorrow’s workflow requirements
  • Fully configurable modules allow a wide range of applications, capacities, and labware
  • Versatile picking capability includes standard SBS 96-way tubes, SBS format micro plates, FluidX AcoustiX™ tubes, REMP microtubes, glass vials, and cryovials
  • High-density storage and multi-pitch shelving maximize storage density and ordering efficiency
  • Brooks Life Sciences' expertise gained from 20 years of developing compound management products
  • The company's experience has created capabilities such as system performance tracking and dual-shuttle robotics
  • The preferred storage partner for 9 of 10 top pharmaceutical companies, Brooks' proven reliability reduces risk and delivers the greatest sample management system uptime to maintain continuity in discovery processes
  • The SampleStore™ II Sample Management System is ideal for storage applications ranging from drug discovery compounds to DNA and many other applications
Key Features
  • System sizing: available storage from 70,000 to 10 million tubes; expandable and adaptable to meet future needs
  • Functional modules: standard modules include input/output, imaging, picking, etc. selected at point of order and/or upgraded later
  • Labware flexibility and adaptability: handles the widest range of labware available in a single store, including SBS-format plates, tubes, cryovials
  • Picking modules: allow the SampleStore™ II System to be configured to handle your sample labware and meet your throughput requirements
  • Sample security: provides secure user access login and maintains consistent storage temperatures
  • High-density storage: reformatting labware to proprietary HD storage racks can more than double storage capacity compared to SBS format storage
  • Multi-pitch shelving: dynamic storage shelving maximizes storage density; A sample imaging module captures barcodes, labware type and heights to assure an optimal storage location
  • High throughput: dual-shuttle robot can double standard throughput rates, supporting pick rates of over 100,000 tubes in 24 hours
  • Easy to use: no special expertise required to operate the system
  • Acoustic tube capability: SampleStore II System picks the FluidX AcoustiX tube, which is Labcyte Echo-Qualified
Intuitive, easy to use, fully featured Strata™ Sample Management Software

Easy to use interface

  • Intuitive, information-rich display permits operation with no special training
  • Customizable to optimize everyday usage, and support application-specific workflows

High performance and reliability

  • Provides full order control including drag-and-drop order prioritization
  • Optimizes throughput through more efficient batch workflows and order decomposition

Seamless IT integration

  • Flexible deployment options include active directory integration and encrypted system access passwords
  • LIMS options include Web services API, database, and file-based integration
  • Accessibility is highly configurable with definable user roles

Sample security and remote access

  • Lifetime inventory and environmental tracking enabling sample chain of custody and audit trail reports
  • Data is accessible from any location using laptop, tablet, or web-enabled devices

System data logging and automation interface

  • Performance tracking assures reliability and enables remote diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Enables easy integration with external automation for fully integrated end-to-end processing solutions

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Integration with BioStudies™ Sample Data System

  • Strata™ seamlessly integrates with the Brooks’ BioStudies™ data management platform
  • This robust, user-configurable solution connects sample inventory information with consent, phenotypic, and clinical data
  • Gives customers a single tool that supports the management of sample collections within population and research-based studies

Learn more about BioStudies™ Sample Data System

The SampleStore™ II can be configured as a shared resource

  • Separate sample collections can be grouped to create new options for centralized storage models
  • Defined user access privileges add security and control to collection management, plus allow sample collaboration
Technical specifications
Model Dimensions (L x W x H) Capacity*
SampleStore™ II S2-c12-h10 2.1 x 2.6 x 2.4m
(6'11" x 8'8" x 8')
tubes: 300,000
vials: 90,000
microplates: 6,000
SampleStore™ II S2-c54-h15 6.8 x 3.8 x 2.4m
(22'2" x 12'4" x 8')
tubes: 2,500,000
vials: 640,000
microplates: 40,000
SampleStore™ II S2-c130-h20 14 x 4.5 x 2.4m
(45'10" x 14'10" x 8')
tubes: 8,000,000
vials: 1,900,000
microplates: 120,000

*Calculated for a 1.4ml tubes, 1 dram vials, and shallow microplates respectively

Please contact us to discuss your specific storage labware and capacity requirements