SampleStore™ II Sample Management System

Automated -20°C to RT sample management and storage for high-throughput laboratories.

Built with Brooks Life Sciences’ expertise from 20 years of developing sample management products, the SampleStore™ II Automated Storage System is a highly flexible and configurable for -20°C to room temperature sample storage. SampleStore II system is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of the world's leading high-throughput pharmaceutical laboratories. It is ideal for compound managers requiring speed and reliability for optimized order fulfillment.

Examples of Labware Storage Capacities

Please contact us to discuss your specific storage labware and capacity requirements.

Example Model Size (l x h x w) Capacity Examples
1.4 ml tubes 1 dram vials Shallow well plates
S2-c12-h10 2.1m x 2.6m x 2.4m (6' 11" x 8' 8" x 8') 300,000 90,000 6,000
S2-c54-h15 6.8m x 3.8m x 2.4m (22' 2" x 12' 4" x 8') 2,500,000 640,000 40,000
S2-c130-h20 14m x 4.5m x 2.4m (45' 10" x 14' 10" x 8') 8,000,000 1,900,000 120,000
Key Features
  • System sizing: available storage from 70,000 to 10 million tubes.  Expandable and adaptable to meet future needs
  • Functional modules: standard modules include input/output, imaging, picking, etc. — selected at point of order and/or upgraded later
  • Labware flexibility and adaptability: handles the widest range of labware available in a single store, including SBS-formatted plates, tubes, cryovials, and more
  • Picking modules: allow the SampleStore™ II System to be configured to handle your sample labware and meet your throughput requirements
  • Sample security: provides secure user access login and maintains consistent storage temperatures
  • High-density storage: reformatting labware to proprietary HD storage racks can more than double storage capacity compared to SBS formatted storage
  • Multi-pitch shelving: dynamic storage shelving maximizes storage density. A sample imaging module captures barcodes, labware type and heights to assure an optimal storage location
  • High throughput: dual-shuttle robot can double standard  throughput rates, supporting pick rates of over 100,000 tubes in 24 hours
  • Easy to use: no special expertise required to operate the system
  • Acoustic tube capability: SampleStore II System picks the FluidX AcoustiX tube, which is Labcyte Echo-Qualified
  • Brooks Strata™ control software manages precious samples and compounds with the highest levels of security and confidence in SampleStore II automated storage systems. Strata's intuitive, information-rich interface makes automated storage easy and convenient to use: no special engineering expertise is required to operate the system. Its reliability and flexibility assure your samples will be efficiently processed and securely protected. Strata's data is accessible from any location using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It provides simplified integration with corporate IT and LIMS networks. Intelligent diagnostics and error recovery assure reliable performance.
  • Strata software seamlessly integrates with the Brooks BioStudies™ biobank data management platform. This robust, user-configurable solution connects sample inventory information with consent, phenotypic, and clinical data, giving customers a single tool that supports the management of sample collections within population and research-based studies.
  • The SampleStore II Sample Management System can be configured as a shared resource. Separate sample collections can be grouped to create new options for centralized storage models. Defined user access privileges add security and control to collection management, plus allow sample collaboration.
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