REMP® Tube Punching and Selecting

This easy-to-use tube transfer device works with all of the REMP 96 and 384 Tube Technology consumables; it can quickly and reliably re-array and reformat tubes through a unique “push through” technique. The REMP TPM functions as a standalone instrument or it can be integrated into many automated systems

Part Number Product Name Description Related Consumables/Accessories
1800242 TPM (Tube Punching Module) Desktop device for SW supported selection of REMP Tubes in 96 and 384 format 96-way tubes/384-way tubes

See how easy it is to select and deliver tube orders with the REMP tube punching module. This benchtop TPM enables small collections or low throughput laboratories to automate the sample picking of REMP® 96-way tubes and REMP® 384-way tubes.