REMP® Storage Microplates

  • Designed for heat sealing: Discrete raised rims around each well - reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  • Suitable for REMP® piercing lid system
  • 384 square well microvolume Storage Plate, SBS footprint
  • Maximum well volume of 128 µl / working volume 110 µl
  • Notch at A/24 and P/24
  • Pyramidal well bottom for ease of sample retrieval
Key Features
Ordering Information
Product Group Part Number Item Quantity Per Case Description
Micro Plates 384 Well 1800030 (1800245) MP 384 (Japan Only) 100 Uncoded plate
Micro Plates 384 Well 1800427 (1800518) MP 384/RBC (Japan Only) 100 REMP standard sequential linear barcode 128 (600mm x 7mm); side A24-P24