REMP® Seal Piercing

The REMP® piercing lid range is unique – it offers the chance to pierce a foil seal with a wide hole for reliable liquid handling and, as the lids are disposable, there is no risk of cross-contamination. This range of devices allows for the simple operation of the piercing lids.  Brooks also automates the peeling of heat sealed plates with XPeel®

Seal Piercing on Tubes and Plates
Part Number Image Name Description Related Consumables/Accessories


Plate Piercer)

APP with lid disposal
Adaptors allow different height plates to be pierced. Standard adaptors are listed below. Custom adaptors available upon request. The APP is capable of piercing several types of consumables; including 96-/384-well microplates and deepwells.

It can be integrated into an automated system or used as a standalone unit.

384-way Piercing Lids:

96-way Piercing Lids:
1800054 for STBR96
1800055 universal 96

UPP for STBR384 and third party plates

1800349   APP Adaptor For DTBR384
1800079   APP Adaptor REMP MP384
1800080   APP Adaptor STBR96-300
1800237   APP Adaptor STBR96-900

Plate Piercer)

The UPP is capable of piercing several types of consumables, including 96-/384-well microplates and deepwells as well as REMP Delivery Tube Racks (DTBR384).

Semi-automated operation.

1800151     UPP for STBR96-300 and STBR96-900 tube racks
1800221   Foot pedal For UPP/CSP-LT
1800522 EasyPiercer EasyPiercer Manual Tube Rack Piercer for the specific requirements of biobanking applications. For STBR96 - 300 format only