Brooks Life Science Systems introduces FrostX2

Faster Frost Removal with the Power of Air!

De-ice and dry your SBS-footprint labware 10x faster for improved readability and faster processing of your 2D barcode samples.


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FrostX2 allows you to remove frost from SBS-footprint labware coming from freezers in order to be able to read all 2D barcodes on the sample storage tubes. FrostX2 generates a high-pressure vertical air blade which, when applied to the frost on the bottom of the tubes, removes it in a controlled and homogeneous way either by fast evaporation or mechanically in 10-15 seconds while the sample remains frozen.

De-ice and dry your SBS-footprint labware 10x faster than ever before to make sure your 2D barcodes are readable and your freezers stay ice-free.

  • Smarter – Removes ice/frost without damaging or degrading sample quality
  • Safer – Keeps sample frozen to ensure integrity and ensures freezers stay ice-free
  • Faster – the de-icing process takes 10-15seconds
  • Flexible – handles any SBS format rack
  • Reliable – de-ices sample consistently across an entire sample rack




After 1 cycle of frostX
After 1 cycle of FrostX²


Supported Labware Any SBS format rack (including 24,48, 96, 240, 384-format racks)
Dimensions 155 x 234 x 375mm
Weight 5.3kg
Input Voltage/Current 24V / 1.5A
Input Pressure 2.5 > 6 Bar
Device Noise Max 87.8 dbA (running at 6 Bar)
Ambient Temperature 10 > 40°C
Ambient Humidity < 70% rH
Ambient Parameters No vibration, no direct sun light
Warranty 12 months

Product Video

How it works

FrostX hose and main power

Ensure the FrostXÇ is set up with air hose and main

power plugged in

SBS rack insert Place rack of tubes in the SBS rack insert at the top
  Set up the necessary air pressure, speed, cycles and press GO
Before de-icing

Run the designated number of de-icer cycles

After 1 cycle of frostX

Remove rack of tubes without frost/ice obstructing the

2D codes