FreezerPro® Laboratory Management Software

The FreezerPro system is a web-based sample inventory management system ideal for small labs and SME customers. FreezerPro manages hundreds of collections in all types of organization ranging from small research outfits to central biorepositories with millions of records. Customers rely on FreezerPro systems for secure management of samples and sample information.


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  • No IT Requirements Whatsoever - By not requiring installation, individual labs within larger organizations gain more autonomy. Start-ups and other small labs can completely avoid all IT staffing and investment.
  • Regulatory Liability Protection - Remove nearly all liability concerns related to data security. Using FreezerPro® Cloud negates expensive information security upgrades for individual labs.
  • Lower Capital Expenditure - With FreezerPro® Cloud, the total cost of deployment is significantly lower, compared to other sample management software options. FreezerPro® is a class-leading frozen sample management solution that is indispensable to any modern scientific or pharmaceutical laboratory
  • Deployed in Hours, Not weeks - FreezerPro® systems automate more daily sample management operations than expensive software solutions.
  • Makes Daily Lab Operations Easier - FreezerPro® Cloud records information for sample check in and out, aliquotting and inheritance, plus storage location data with only a few clicks or a drag of the mouse.
  • Enhances Accuracy and Availability of Lab Information - Advanced data mining, automatic data validity checks, hundreds of alert settings and embedded integration with Microsoft Excel are just a few of the tools users and admins have to ensure that data is input properly and is immediately accessible for analysis and reporting.
Features Basic Standard Enterprise Elite
Truly web based - Install once, access from anywhere
Complete Sample Management
Track Samples In and Out of Freezers
Icon-Based Display of Box Contents
Sample Inventory Alerts
Easy to Follow Workflow
Virtual Freezers
Reporting and Data Export/Import — HTML, CSV, PDF, TXT Formats
Live Search. Instant search by word or part of the keyword
Smart Search
Live Query builder and Smart Folders
Full Audit Trails
Mobile devices support
Multi-language support
Comprehensive barcode label and RFID tag designer
2D barcode plate scanners support (FluidX, VisionMate, BioSero, Ziath)
Barcode printing for vials, boxes, freezers
Support for sample sources
Support for sample groups
Support for pick lists
Report templates (visual report builder)
Support for freezer sensors
Permission based access restriction to sample locations and information
Available shipping module
Available workflow module
Available RFID kit module
GLP mode for strict operations
Support for custom vials identifiers
SSL data encryption
HIPAA compliance
User authentication via active directory domain services (LDAP)
Customer postrgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle Database support
Application programming interface (API)
Hyper-V support on Microsoft Windows Server
Advanced workflow management
Shipping module included
Email tied communications and alerts
Clinical data management
Advanced reporting suite
Configurable charting and graphing
Sample Management Applications

FreezerPro® systems have helped to modernize frozen sample management in thousands of laboratories worldwide. FreezerPro® is an intuitive, fast, reliable, and secure web-based application with visually-intuitive, customizable “freezer maps” that enable users to know precisely where a frozen sample is located without ever opening a freezer door. 

Improvements in laboratory accuracy and efficiency with FreezerPro® systems are remarkable — every lab with sample inventory can implement FreezerPro® to begin their journey toward laboratory information management bliss!

Brooks’s sample management solution improves inventory management, automates workflow management, eases data transfer with integrated machines and systems, increases communication with customers and collaborators, and increases the transparency of overall laboratory operations.

Feature Highlights
Flexible dashboards, configurable reports, granular security and other scalable functionality define Brooks's sample management solution, leading to smoother user adoption and limitless flexibility to ensure the system remains viable into the future.

Stepwise Enhancement
  • Brooks provides a path for laboratories of any type or size to gain control of their sample inventory, formalize and track lab workflows, and create a single, integrated data repository. At the end of Brooks’s path is a truly advanced lab, capable of operating globally with excellent communication, real-time visibility of workloads and assets, and a robust audit trail enabling immediate responses to data entry problems or any other defined system violation.
  • Brooks’s sample management solution can begin with inventory management then, immediately or over time, expand to include workflow management, varying degrees of automation, and information centralization.

What Stepwise Enhancements Provide


Stepwise Solutions

  • Client goal: Scale implementation to ease user adoption while addressing critical needs. 

One-Time Solutions

  • Client goal: To manage global sample inventory, storage, and shipments while increasing collaboration and coordination with other business areas.