FrameStrip® Adapter

A 96 format frame that fits FrameStrips® perfectly to allow for easy handling and use with automation

  • Cost and space saving design
  • White polycarbonate
  • Interference fit with FrameStrips®
  • Interference fit with purpose made lid
  • FrameStrips® provide a very flexible method for PCR whilst still utilizing 2-component technology for superior sealing
  • However, they can be fiddly to handle in the lab though and cannot be used with robotics
  • The 4titude FrameStrip® Adapter was developed to offer a solution for processing PCR strips in a plate format (high throughput) on robotics but maintain flexibility at the end user site for varying throughputs
  • 4titude adapters are manufactured in class 7 ISO certified cleanroom, and all lids are certified free of DNase, RNase, human DNA, bacterial and eukaryotic cells, dust and endotoxins/pyrogens
Key Features
Designed for easy handling of FrameStrip®
  • Standard profile FrameStrips® have an interference fit with the adapter, ensuring they are held within the plate and do not move around/fall out during handling
  • Locator pins on the deck ensure FrameStrips® are always loaded in the correct orientation
  • A dedicated lid with interference fit provides protection for the strips during handling and shipping
Cost and space saving solution
  • Unlike heavy and solid adapters on the market, the 4titude FrameStrip® Adapter can be affordably included in kits that are assembled and shipped to customer
  • Slightly taller than standard profile PCR plates, fitting perfectly standard profile PCR tubes without taking up excessive space
Parameter FrameStrip® Adapter
Format 96 well
Length 127.76 mm ± 0.25mm
Width 85.48 mm ± 0.25mm
Height (without lid) 18.75 mm ± 0.1mm
Height (with lid) 24.0mm
Color white
Ordering Information

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Part number Description
FrameStrip® Adapter
96 well skirted frame, white polycarbonate, cut corner H1, for use with FrameStrips®
4ti-0371 18 adapters
Combi packs
4ti-0370 FrameStrip® Adapter, With Lid, includes FrameStrip® Adapter Lid; 18 adapters and lids
Compatible lids
4ti-0292 FrameStrip® Adapter Lid, low profile, without condensation rings, clear polystyrene, no cut corner, for use with FrameStrip® Adapter; 10 lids