FluidX Tri-Coded Next-Gen Jacket 1.0ml Sample Storage Tube with External Thread

Supplied in 96-well format SBS racks or bulk

2D-barcodes readable without removing tubes from racks

FluidX Tri-Coded Jacket offers unequalled audit traceability, enabling sample tracking and data sharing between multiple labs, locations and automation capabilities

Suitable for cryogenic storage

Manufactured from high-quality virgin polypropylene, supplied production sterile

Securely sealed using screw caps or TPE septum caps

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  • Developed to exceed the demands of sample security, management and tracking in modern high-density storage applications
  • Tri-Coded Jacket 1.0ml external thread tubes carry three unique and permanent high-contrast tube identifiers, 2D Code, Linear Barcode and a Human Readable Number (HRN)
  • Provides a lifelong and secure chain of custody for samples in biobanks, compound libraries and a broad range of biological and chemical stores, including cryogenic storage
  • Designed and developed with broad compatibility in mind. FluidX tubes perform without compromise in conjunction with automated barcode reading, capping and sample management systems from FluidX and all other industry-recognised manufacturers
1.0ml screw cap 1.0ml TPE septum cap
Max Working Volume (ml) 1.05 0.92
Tube Height (mm) 46.2 46.2
Tube Height with Cap (mm) 49.6 47.4
Inner Diameter (mm) 6.5 6.5
Outer Diameter with Cap (mm) 8.7 8.7
Center to Center (mm) 9.0 9.0
Minimum Temperature (°C) -196° -80°

Key Features

Secure Sample Storage and Tracking

  • Tri-Coded Jacket supports sample sharing between labs and locations
  • Permanent 2D barcode laser-etched in high-contrast on the tube base
  • Permanent linear barcode laser etched in high-contrast on the tube side
  • Permanent Human Readable Number laser etched on tube side
  • Equally suitable for sealing with either screw caps or TPE septum caps
  • External thread tubes provide greater working volume than internal thread tubes compared to the same height internal thread tube
  • FluidX tubes have been leak tested to ensure sample security


Screw Caps

  • Deforming compression seal is more effective than a silicone alternative
  • Non-silicone seal means the cap can never be overtightened
  • Cap and tube manufactured from the same material, preventing differential expansion during freeze-thaw cycles
  • Double-start thread engages in a maximum rotation of 180°, facilitating automation



TPE Septum Caps

  • Cost-effective sealing option for samples that are only accessed occasionally
  • Septum caps are supplied in 96-format back mats to facilitate automation


96-Well Format SBS Racks

  • TwistLock: prevents tubes rotating within the rack to enable automated capping and decapping of screw caps, provided as standard
  • LidLock: racks fitted with a LidLock latch are designed to withstand a 1m drop test for added sample security 
  • Automatic Rack Orientation: racks are supplied with a unique 2D barcode identifier which can be read at the same time as the tube 2D barcode, to provide automatic rack orientation and more secure sample tracking
  • Direct Laser Etching: linear barcodes are permanently etched directly onto racks

14 x 14 Cryo Storage Racks

  • 133mm x 133mm polypropylene cryobox rack option available for cryogenic sample storage
  • Holds 196 tubes in 14 x 14 array
  • Open bottom for 2D barcode decoding on FluidX Perception LF reader
  • Cryo racks can be supplied with a unique 2D barcode identifier which can be read at the same time as the tube 2D barcode, to provide more secure sample tracking