FluidX Orbit™ Single Sample Tube Barcode Reader

  • For high-performance decoding at a low cost
  • Reads all available 2D-barcoded tubes, any make, any size
  • Also reads 1D linear barcodes
  • Dependable decoding providing data in an instant
  • Quick to set up, easy to use
  • Data export direct to any application


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The entry-level Orbit single tube reader is a high-performance, easy to use, benchtop reader. Orbit has the dual capability of
decoding any 2D datamatrix barcoded tube and reading any tube carrying a 1D linear barcode.

Given the variety of 2D-barcoded tubes on the market, Orbit is designed and developed with broad compatibility in mind. Orbit
can read any 2D barcoded sample tube currently on the market, not only those supplied by FluidX.

Orbit is supplied with a 5-year warranty


Orbit™ Single Tube Barcode Reader
Code formats read Datamatrix , ISO 16022 , square and rectangular format, ECC200, 0 to 20 grid sizes, white on black, black on white, numeric, alphanumeric and 1D linear barcodes
Sensor type 1/3” CCD
Light source R LED
Read time < 1 second
Ambient operating temperature 5°C to 50°C
Tube compatibility All tubes in 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384-formats Glass compound storage tubes, cryo tubes, biological sample tubes
Dimensions 90mm (H) x 100mm (W) x 100mm (D)
Weight 0.25kg
Power requirements 5V DC 0.1A max, supplied through USB
User interface FluidX GUI
Cable length 1.5m
Cable interface USB 2.0
Operating system Windows

Key Features

Compatible with all 2D-Barcoded Tubes

  • All FluidX single tube readers are compatible with all FluidX sample storage tubes as well as any 2D data matrix barcoded tubes, including those supplied by Greiner, Matrix,Nunc and Micronic
  • Any tube size can be read. Orbit will quickly scan tubes in 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384-well rack formats, as well as larger capacity tubes including glass compound storage tubes, cry tubes and biological sample tubes


Fast Set Up

  • FluidX Orbit takes just a few moments to set up with its automatic calibration feature. Plug into a PC or laptop via USB connection and the software will look after the rest of the set-up process
  • Reading less commonly used tube types is easy. Simply select the AutoLearn feature in the software to problem-free calibration
  • No external power supply is required due to USB connectivity to PC or laptop


Easy to Use in Working Environment

  • The large scanning window and superior decoding technology makes tube reading quick and easy, even for users wearing gloves


Rapid Results 

  • Orbit takes less than one second to scan and decode any 2D-barcoded tube
  • The tube ID is displayed instantly on the computer screen for identification or sample entry, or the application can be run in the background


Direct Data Export to Any Application

  • The FluidX keyboard wedge allows you to enter the results into any application
  • Simply place the cursor where the data is to be entered before scanning the tube. The data will instantly be displayed wherever the cursor is positioned.
  • Orbit will insert tube data into any application, such as Excel, Notepad, etc.

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FluidX Orbit™ Single Sample Tube Reader (XTR_Single)

For use with all 2D data matrix barcoded sample storage tubes