FluidX™ IntelliXcap™ 96 Capper & Decapper for Screw-Capped Tubes

Select Science Award NomineeFluidX IntelliXcap 96 is the next-generation capper and decapper, engineered for increased throughput, ease of use and high system reliability, making the system ideal for any laboratory managing compound libraries or biological sample stores.

Features intelligent decapper technology that includes an advanced storage media detection sensor and a proprietary self-release cartridge mechanism.

IntelliXcap 96 is the fastest, most flexible and reliable multi-tube capper and decapper system on the market. Simplifies workflow, reduces non-productive downtime and has a significantly lower cost of operation.

Developed by FluidX, the world’s most innovative brand of sample storage tubes, and sample tracking instruments. Watch the video demonstration here.


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Key Features


FluidX IntelliXcap™ 96 (96-format whole rack capper & decapper) Other Brand (96/48-format 12 channel capper & decapper)
Footprint (L x W x H) 465mm x 256mm x 316mm 600mm x 380mm x 440mm
Speed 20-40 sec to decap or to recap a rack of tubes single row 12 channel cap/decap: 74-110 sec
Sample Tube Versatility unique cartridge design allows FluidX tubes and other types to be switched in <2 minutes can handle multiple tube types with time consuming change of each individual cap driver
Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C 15°C to 35°C
Operating Cost low-cost replaceable cartridge drivers higher-cost unit heads and adaptors

Ordering Information

46-8012: IntelliXcap 96

Automated 96 Screw Top tube rack decapper / re-capper.

With automated glide rail for integration, compatible with all FluidX tubes & almost all other brands with IntelliXcartridge. Please quote tube type when ordering.

Includes 1 IntelliXcartridge of choice