FluidX IntelliCode™ Decoding Software

FluidX IntelliCode™ is an intuitive software designed with the input of users, for decoding 1D and 2D-coded sample storage tubes and racks

  • Easy set up and ultra-fast decoding
  • Unique and secure audit trail
  • Simple file export to LIMS or database
  • Remote use and creative report generation
  • Advanced rack ID functionality
  • Share profiles and data files
  • An intuitive software, designed with the input of users, for decoding 1D and 2D-coded sample storage tubes and racks
  • IntelliCode™ rapidly and simultaneously decodes FluidX sample storage tubes as well as any 2D data matrix coded tubes, including those supplied by Greiner, Matrix, Nunc and Micronic
  • IntelliCode automatically recognizes rack types, without requiring additional setup, and provides a secure audit trail of all decoding performed creating text files and customized reports in MS Word and Adobe PDF, as well as secure data export to an SQL database
Key Features
Time saving easy set up
  • Pre-configured for use with 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384-format SBS racks
  • Simply place your rack on the reader and IntelliCode™ will do the work
  • Simple, automatic profile creation for any readable 2D-coded tubes at the push of a button
  • Determines rack profile (24, 48, 96, 240 and 384)
  • Automatically decodes and saves your data
  • Uses a license key to activate the software, rather than a dongle, no wasted set-up time and USB port
Ultra-fast decoding
  • Takes only 3.1 milliseconds to decode a sample storage tube
  • Dual Decoding Engine, so both FluidX proprietary decoding and industry-standard decoding engines work simultaneously for additional power and speed
  • With true Multi-Core optimization, IntelliCode™ is designed for use with modern PCs
  • This parallel processing enables a rack of 96 2D-coded tubes to be imaged and decoded in less than one second
Unique and secure audit trail
  • To recreate any export files, change file format or make a backup copy, simply set the data range required and IntelliCode™ will generate the export file as required
  • Keeps a secure audit trail of all decoding performed
Simple file export to LIMS or database
  • The built-in generator will customize the export file so that it is compatible with any LIMS or database system (.txt or .csv files)
  • Alternatively, use the auto-generate function to create a file in standard export format
  • Use the built-in database connector for secure transfer of scanned tube data to your corporate SQL database
Creative report generation
  • Design your own, customized MS Word template with images, logos and format
  • Can automatically use this template to create professional and elegant data reports for your internal and external customers
Remote use
  • Can be remotely controlled using a console or TCIP
Advanced rack ID functionality
  • Can perform both 2D and 1D rack decoding when used in conjunction with a FluidX Impression™ whole rack scanner with Mirror Linear Barcode Reader
  • A manual input option is available if the rack scanner is unable to read a rack barcode, or if an independent linear barcode reader is to be used
“No tube” feature


  • Able to discriminate between a tube with a code that cannot be decoded, and an empty rack position
  • Will not decode empty tube positions, so data files are kept clean
  • Decoding speed is optimized as wasted data entry is eliminated
Share profiles and data files
  • User profiles and export files can be shared between users on a single PC, and across a network
  • This reduces set-up time and facilitates work streams
FluidX AcoustiX™ tube compatibility
  • Enables decoding of the unique 2D4 quad code and supports the Perception™ HD AcoustiX reader
  • The new version 11 is compatible with our AcoustiX™ tube, allowing researchers to combine the benefits of FluidX 2D coded Tubes and the Labcyte® Echo®
  • Provides the drug discovery process with the robust assay data quality and an increase in compound consumption efficiency when compared with current, conventional methods
Ordering Information

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Part number Description
FluidX IntelliCode™ Decoding Software
for decoding 1D and 2D-coded sample storage tubes and racks
20-3503 IntelliCode™ License, additional single license; 1 license