FluidX AirFilm Thermal Sealing System

  • AirFilm is a single-use, aluminium film designed for the sealing of 96-format  racked FluidX sample storage tubes
  • Easy to use in conjunction with FluidX XSeal Thermal Sealer system for fast, semi-automatic tube sealing


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Key Features

Impenetrable Barrier

  • AirFilm creates an air-tight seal that can easily be removed by peeling
  • Suitable for low-temperature sample storage (to -196oC), not suitable for use in liquid phase nitrogen

Fast and Easy to Seal with AirFilm Thermal Sealer

airfilm sealer 1.jpg     airfilm sealer 2.jpg   airfilm sealer 3.jpg     airfilm sealer 4.jpg

  • Compatible with 96 racked tubes
  • Place racked tubes in the AirFilm Thermal Sealer and position a sheet of AirFilm over the rack
  • Closing the drawer will start the automated thermal sealing process
  • When sealing is complete, the drawer opens presenting you with the sealed rack of tubes
  • Remove the rack from the sealer and gently remove PET backing sheet from the sealed tubes


Reduced Risk of Sample Damage During Sealing

  • Variable temperature operation; user selects sealing temperature and time, optimising sealing conditions for each sample type
  • Heat transfer during the sealing process is lessened by the embossed seal construction, which creates an air pocket between the seal and the tube


airfilm remove 1.jpg
airfilm remove 1.jpg
airfilm remove 1.jpg

Easy to Remove

  • Each tube is individually sealed with two tabs for easy removal. Hold the tube and peel the tab upwards with forceps or fingers
  • AirFilm seal is engineered to come away cleanly, leaving no residue, so tubes can be resealed without compromise


Ideal for Use in Automated Environments

  • AirFilm seals can be pierced by a wide range of tips found on automated liquid handling systems

Ordering Information

47-2002: AirFilm Manual Variable Temperature Thermal Sealer

  • Thermal sealer with adjustable temperature and time, for use with FluidX 96 storage tubes and Airfilm Thermal Seals
  • Includes one adapter, choose one of the following:
    • 42-2001 Adapter for 0.5ml and 0.75ml tubes
    • 42-2002 Adapter for 1.0ml and 1.4ml tubes

66-1001: AirFilm Individual Thermal Seal with Tab, 96 tube seals per sheet 50 Sheets/case

66-1021: AirFilm Individual Thermal Seal without Tab, 96 tube seals per sheet 50 Sheets/case