FluidX 384-Format, 120ul 2D-Coded Locking Tube

  • Supplied in 384-well format SBS racks or unracked
  • 2D-barcodes readable without removing tubes from racks
  • 2D-barcode laser etched in high-contrast on base of FluidX sample storage tubes offers a secure audit trail for sample identification and sample tracking, and a permanent link between sample and data
  • Tubes feature square-profile sample well
  • Manufactured from high-quality virgin polypropylene, supplied production sterile
  • Uncapped, suitable for thermal sealing with FluidX AirFilm thermal sealing system

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  • Developed to exceed the demands of sample security, management and tracking in modern high-density storage applications
  • FluidX 2D-Barcoded 0.12ml sample storage tubes carry a unique and permanent high-contrast 2D-barcode tube identifier on the base of the tube
  • Provides a lifelong and secure chain of custody for samples in biobanks, compound libraries and a broad range of biological and chemical stores
  • Designed and developed with broad compatibility in mind. FluidX tubes perform without compromise in conjunction with automated barcode reading and sample management systems from FluidX and all other industry-recognised manufacturers
0.12ml uncapped
Max Working Volume (ml) 0.1
Tube Height (mm) 14.0
Inner Diameter (mm) 3.6
Outer Diameter (mm) 4.4
Center to Center (mm) 4.5
Minimum Temperature (°C) -196°
Key Features
Secure Sample Storage and Tracking
  • Unique and permanent 2D barcode laser-etched in high-contrast on tube base
  • Barcode ensures a permanent link between sample and data
  • High-contrast 2D barcodes are more reliably readable in frost or condensation conditions
  • FluidX 2D barcodes can be scanned and decoded without removing tubes from storage racks, enabling data to be associated with individual tubes
384-Well Format SBS Racks
  • TubeLock: tubes can be locked in position in rack, even without a lid, prevents tubes falling out if rack is inverted, lock or unlock simply by pushing tube downwards or upwards
  • Automatic Rack Orientation: racks are supplied with a unique 2D barcode identifier which can be read at the same time as the tube 2D barcode, to provide automatic rack orientation and more secure sample tracking
  • Direct Laser Etching: linear barcodes are permanently laser etched directly onto racks
Ordering Information
Part Number Description
66-0120211 120ul 384-format locking tube with 2D Datamatrix code. Square well design. Suitable for thermal sealing. Uncapped. 20 racks/case.
66-0110211 110ul 384-format locking tube with 2D Datamatrix code. Round well design. Suitable for septum cap or thermal sealing. Uncapped. 20 racks/case.
66-0110212 384-format septum caps compatible with round tube design. 100 Cap Trays per case (38400 Caps)
66-0110213 384-format septum caps compatible with round tube design (ORANGE). 100 Cap Trays per case (38400 Caps)