CoolSink® Reservoir and Plate Module

CoolSink® plate modules maintain temperature through direct contact with ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen or other common laboratory temperature sources. Use CoolSink modules for cooling, snap-freezing or heating/thawing samples. It's precision-engineered "direct contact" stage design virtually eliminates the insulating air gap found between the bottom of the plate wells and the temperature source, ensuring well-to-well temperature consistency.


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Application Product Information
Cooling on ice For sample organization and short-term cooling pair with the TruCool ice pans or bucket and wet ice
Snap freeze on dry ice or liquid nitrogen For uniform snap freezing pair with dry ice or LN2 in a TruCool ice pan or bucket
Snap freeze on dry ice or liquid nitrogen For all-day cooling without ice pair with the CoolBox
Heat or thaw Compatible with heat sources such as: water baths, incubators, hot plates, and ovens.
Pair with a ThermalTray HP to keep tubes elevated and dry in a water bath
CoolSink Cooling Performance

Thermal Graph CoolSink Module

Final well temperature for 96-well flat bottom plates. Colors represent 0.5° C temperature intervals of the corresponding plate wells. (Top) Plate directly on crushed ice does not reach 4°C in any of the wells and well-to-well temperature is uneven. (Bottom) Plate placed on CoolSink 96F module and then placed on ice shows more uniform well-to-well temperature and all wells at or below 4°C. (Blue center plate wells are slightly warmer due to curvature of the underside of the plate.) The white cell represents the well that was fitted with a thermocouple probe.

CoolSink Reservoir and Plate Modules
Item No. Description For Use With Dimensions
BCS-536 CoolSink XT 96F For one 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, or 384-well flat bottom plate 12.8 X 8.5 X 1.7 cm
BCS-537 CoolSink XT 96U For one 96-well u-bottom plate 12.8 X 8.5 X 1.7 cm
BCS-184 CoolSink LX55 For 55 mL reagent reservoirs 14.6 X 6.4 X 3.5 cm
Key Features
CoolSink LX55 plate
CoolSink XT 96U plate
CoolSink XT 96F plate module
  • Keeps samples at desired temperature while also keeping them dry and sterile
  • Provides stable base for pipetting or reaction set-up
  • Hard-anodized surface for resistance to rust, corrosion, and abrasion
  • Functions in a wide temperature range from -196° C through >+100° C for use in a variety of applications
  • Sterilize via autoclave, high heat, disinfectants, or alcohol. Compatible with common lab detergents
  • Ideal for ELISA, multi-plex immunoassays, enzyme assays, or washing cells