Sample temperature monitoring sensor for small, highly distributed biosample and compound storage


Sample temperature monitoring sensor for small, highly distributed biosample and compound storage

  • CoolSense™ from Brooks is the first solution that brings easy to use, affordable sample temperature monitoring to small, highly distributed biosample and compound storage
  • Replaces the manual checking of environmental temperature within labs, and alerts users on email or smartphone
  • A Brooks solution that is easy to own, simple to install, and effortless to use in order to ensure sample quality and integrity
  • Data is stored forever and reporting is easy to do
Key Features

Easy to install

  • Place sensors and probes in situ
  • Connect Gateway to network
  • Register on the CoolSense website

Easy to use

  • Monitor your sensors online
  • Set alarm limits for each feed
  • Detect door access
  • Compare readings between sensors
  • Export and report data

Sensor application

  • Static temperature monitoring
  • Static humidity monitoring
  • Water/spillage monitoring: as plug-in probe
  • Door open/closed state: as plug-in accessory
  • External PT 100/PT 1000 probe: as plug-in adapter

Brooks CoolSense™ portal

  • Data from gateways is pushed to internet only: no security implications
  • Automatically connected to your personal website
  • Website displays all channels, connectivity, status and battery status
  • Reports available direct from portal to print or download as PDF
  • Specify time period for report data

Technical specifications

Parameter Value
Range (outdoor) 800m line of sight
Range (indoor) 100m typical
Certifications FCC and CE
Maximum number of channels 100 per system
Sensor operational range -35°C to 60°C ± 0.5°C
Battery life 1 year+ at 15 minute sampling frequency


How it works

CoolSense™: How It Works

Ordering Information

Product codes

Part number Description
CoolSense Pro
Included in this pack: 1 x Gateway, 5 x Sensors (Temperature and Humidity), 2 x P 100/P1000 Converter (for use with commercial temperature probes; commercial probes connect to a single port on sensors via the converter), 1 x Door Contact Sensor
BCS-1000CS CoolSense Pro with 1 year cloud subscription
BCS-5000CS CoolSense Pro with 5 year cloud subscription
Accessories and software
BCS-1100CS CoolSense Gateway with 1 year subscription
BCS-1200CS CoolSense Sensor for Temperature & Humidity 1 year subscription
BCS-1500CS CoolSense Temperature Probe 1 year subscription
BCS-1600CS CoolSense Water Detector Probe 1 year subscription
BCS-1300CS CoolSense Door Contact Probe 1 year subscription
BCS-1400CS CoolSense PT100/1000 Converter Probe 1 year subscription
BCS-5100CS CoolSense Gateway with 5 year subscription
BCS-5200CS CoolSense Sensor for Temperature & Humidity 5 year subscription
BCS-5500CS CoolSense Temperature Probe 5 year subscription
BCS-5600CS CoolSense Water Detector Probe 5 year subscription
BCS-5300CS CoolSense Door Contact Probe 5 year subscription
BCS-5400CS CoolSense PT100/1000 Converter Probe 5 year subscription
Software only
318105 Gateway PRO cloud subscription only per month
318109 Sensor Temperature & Humidity PRO cloud subscription only per month
318112 CoolSense accessories cloud subscription only per month

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