CoolCell® Controlled Rate, Alcohol-free, Freezing Containers

CoolCell controlled-rate alcohol-free cell freezing containers provide a highly reproducible -1℃/minute freezing rate when placed in a -80℃ freezer. No alcohol or fluids required. The insulative outer housing and thermo-conductive solid state core ensure consistent heat removal to all vials throughout the freezing period. CoolCell freezing containers are unbreakable, open easily when frozen, and are not cold to the touch when frozen - no "frosty" fingers. Numbered vial wells ensure easy sample identification. The beveled junction between base and lid and exposed vial tops in the base allow for quick and safe removal of frozen vials so they can be placed into long-term storage. Proven for use with stem cells, primary cells and cell lines. 


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CoolCell Freezing Profile Consistency

coolcell reproducibility graph

Performance Test: A temperature probe was placed into a 2.0 mL cryogenic vial containing 1.0 mL of water and the tube inserted into a CoolCell sitting at room temperature. The CoolCell container was then placed directly into a -80˚C freezer and the temperature rate and profile was observed over a 3 hour period. The experiment was repeated 5 consecutive times and the temperature profiles were recorded.

Conclusion: The CoolCell controlled-rate cell freezing container showed identical fusion time and cooling profiles over five consecutive freeze cycles.

Key Features

  • No alcohol: no fluids or precooling, can save 12 L/unit of IPA per year
  • No variability: all vials have uniform freeze rate, radially symmetric design ensures vial consistency
  • No on-going cost: No alcohol purchase or hazardous disposal expense
  • No stuck lids: ergonomic lid comes off easily after frozen. Not cold to the touch when removed from -80°C freezer
  • Quick reuse time: ready to use again after 5 minutes

CoolCell Cell Freezing Containers

Item No.



Well Diameter


CoolCell LX, purple

Diam 11.7 x H 9.9 cm

12.7 mm


CoolCell LX, green


CoolCell LX, orange


CoolCell LX, pink


CoolCell FTS30, purple

Diam 16.5 x H 11.5 cm

12.3 mm


CoolCell FTS30, green


CoolCell FTS30, orange


CoolCell FTS30, pink


CoolCell 5ml LX, purple

Diam 9.5 x H 14.5 cm

15.2 mm


CoolCell SV2, purple

Diam 13.9 x H 10.5 cm

14.7 mm


CoolCell SV10, purple

Diam 12.1 x H 9.8 cm

23.6 mm


CoolCell Filler Vial, 2ml

For use with: CoolCell LX, CoolCell FTS30


CoolCell Filler Vial, 5ml

For use with: CoolCell 5ml LX


Removable cryogenic vial module for CoolCell FTS30

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