CryoPod™ Carrier Sample Transport

The CryoPod™ Carrier is a truly portable device that enables -150°C sample transport over short distances. It is safe, reliable and maintains the cold chain. Integrated monitoring, alarms, and logging ensure cryogenic sample protection for over 4 hours.

ThermalTray™ Thermo-Conductive Platforms

Made of the same highly conductive alloy as CoolRack and CoolSink modules, the ThermalTray platform conducts the liquid’s source temperature to these modules and, ultimately, to your samples.

TruCool® Vial Locking Rack

Cryogenic vial racks feature a locking mechanism that allows one-hand opening or closing of most types of self-standing vials that are automation compatible.

TruCool® Cryogenic Vials

TruCool® leak-proof cryogenic vials feature a screw cap with a thermally-fused gasket to ensure a tight seal, and a star socket for compatibility with auto-decapping equipment. 

TruCool® Cryogenic Storage Boxes

TruCool® cryogenic storage boxes can hold 81-100 cryogenic vials (1 mL or 2 mL) or microtubes. Made with durable, water-resistant fiberboard, the patented hinged lid ensures markings and samples remain in synch.

CoolSink® Reservoir and Plate Module

CoolSink reservoir and plate modules provide a solid, sturdy interface between laboratory sample plates and temperature sources such as ice. The thermo-conductive alloy evenly distributes the temperature to all wells, ensuring no "edge effect."

TruCool® Lab Ice Buckets and Pans

TruCool lab ice buckets and pans are non-toxic, recyclable ethyl-vinyl acetate (EVA) rectangular foam containers for use with ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, and alcohol slurries.

CoolRack® Thermo-Conductive Tube Modules

CoolRack thermo-conductive vial and tube modules maintain sample temperature through direct contact with water, ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, heating block, or other common laboratory temperature sources. 

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