BioStudies™ Sample Data System

BioStudies™ is a secure knowledge management solution that integrates data about a research sample from many sources, from healthcare records to laboratory instruments. Having all this information at one point of centralized access makes your sample assets more valuable than ever before because they can be viewed more holistically.

  • The BioStudies™ system empowers researchers and scientists to integrate sample libraries and see them all at once, even if the samples themselves are very far apart. This supports the greater potential for discoveries of pre and post-disease biomarkers and makes large biobanks a greater asset for those who rely on them.
  • There are multiple access levels within the software that promote data security and confidentiality. These access levels can be tailored to your specific departmental or project needs, meaning each user can get a different view depending on their role in the system. Patient identifiable data and sensitive information are always encrypted within the database.
  • BioStudies™ systems open the door to the future of personalized medicine by facilitating understanding of the relationship between biomarkers and the genome.

Key Features
  • Streamlined Sample Processing: BioStudies™ systems track sample processing steps and data, such as creating a pre-defined number of aliquots from a single blood tube, DNA extraction, quantification, and normalization.
  • Better Sample Sharing: BioStudies systems can publish samples available for research applications. When an application is approved, the software records the complete chain of custody history for each sample dispatched by the biobank.
  • Data Integration: The system integrates real-time sample data from sample processing workflows, instrument data capture, operational biobanking, donor consent, laboratory instruments, and phenotypic patent-level and clinical data.
  • Project Management Flexibility: Each project or study has an owner and associated team with different roles and data access. Project teams can be grouped around a particular sample collection, a specific research area, or certain identified sample types or workflows.
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