BioStore™ IIIv -80°C Automated Storage System

BioStore™ IIIv is a space efficient automated freezer which can be used for a wide range of applications and inventory types, designed by combining the advanced automation technologies and user interface from Brooks Life Sciences with the performance of the Chart Vario freezers

  • Accommodates a wide range of labware
  • Holds 630 cryoboxes for a wide range of labware
  • Sample retrieval in under 60 seconds
  • LIMS connectivity
  • Industry-first -80°C LN2 refrigerated automated storage system with inventory control including 21-CFR-11 reporting, BioStore™ IIIv automated sample storage system combines Brooks’ advanced automated sample management technology with the industry-leading performance of Chart® Vario™ LN2 freezers
  • The system offers best-in-class sample security, data management, and inventory control
  • Complete sample protection with innovative design to prevents the transient sample warming events that usually occur during sample retrieval from typical -80°C mechanical storage systems
  • The BioStore™ IIIv System provides maximum biosample collection protection combined with cost-effective -80°C LN2 automated storage
  • The system is a perfect fit for biobank customers with high-value, temperature-sensitive samples
  • The BioStore™ IIIv System protects irreplaceable sample assets with the security and efficiencies of LN2 storage while providing all the benefits of automated storage at -80°C
Key Features
  • Can be set to a desired temperature between -20°C and -150°C*
  • Insulating tower temperature protection for non-targeted boxes
  • Extended hold time compared to mechanical freezers in emergency situations
  • Ergonomically designed for simple user experience and minimized injury risk
  • Superior user interface for easy operation and inventory documentation
  • Simple, accurate and documented inventory management to the vial level
  • Secure username and password access for full traceability
  • Library management is an option, allowing the freezer to be partitioned into libraries with user defined access control
  • LIMS integration and reporting options to enhance existing storage and tracking infrastructure
  • Holds more than 120,000 1.0ml FluidX tubes or 63,000 2.0ml FluidX tubes
  • Use with a variety of labware types including cryoboxes, SBS racks
  • Sample retrieval in less than 60 seconds
  • Automatic retrieval of samples through a touchscreen interface

*Temperature variation is +/- 6°C due to thermocouple variation and thermal loading

  • Innocent sample protection: insulated tower prevents sample warming of targeted and non-targeted tubes when a source rack is removed from the system
  • Secure: access and defined libraries can be restricted to preauthorized users
  • Disaster protection: extended sample hold-time during unplanned disasters or emergencies is 16 times longer than typical mechanical freezers
  • Qualification services: IQ/OQ/PQ available to meet regulatory requirements
Parameter Value
Capacity storage locations Holds 630 cryoboxes for a wide range of labware
1.0ml FluidX tubes 123,480
2.0ml FluidX tubes 63,000
6.0ml aseptic vials 15,750
Box level retrieval speed Approximately 60 seconds
Labware types Cryoboxes, SBS racks*
Static holding time vapor 4 days of hold time from -80°C to -60°C
Electrical 110v/220v
Empty freezer weight 114 lbs/ft2
Full freezer weight 3,721lbs/1,691kg
Maximum floor load 114lbs/ft2 (4.8kg/m2) (based on full system weight)
LN2 connection type 1/2” (NPT female fitting to existing vacuum jacket line)
LN2 supply pressure (open valve) 22-35 psig/1.52-2.41bar
LN2 evaporation rate/day (nominal) 12-14l/day
Dimensions (H x W x D) 125 inches (3175mm) x 60 inches (1524mm) x 70 inches (1778mm)
Warranty 1 year (includes onsite service, travel, and spare parts)
(preventative maintenance and wear parts not included)
Other Installation & operator training included
Validation qualification services available

*Labware should be validated with Brooks

Support Plans

Brooks Life Sciences offers standard automated cryo storage service packages to support your needs; these packages have been structured to offer flexibility so you can choose a package that suits you.

  • Corrective services
  • Remote diagnostic & repair
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Additional services for purchase
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