BioStore™ IIIv -80°C Automated Storage System

Industry-first -80°C LN2 refrigerated automated storage system with inventory control including 21-CFR-11 reporting BioStore™ IIIv automated sample storage system combines Brooks’ advanced automated sample management technology with the industry-leading performance of Chart® Vario™ LN2 freezers. The system offers best-in-class sample security, data management, and inventory control. Complete sample protection with innovative design to prevents the transient sample warming events that usually occur during sample retrieval from typical -80°C mechanical storage systems.

Key Features
  • Large capacity: holds more than 120,000 1.0mL FluidX™ Cryotubes or 63,000 2.0 mL FluidX™ Cryotubes
  • Labware flexibility: use with a variety of labware types including cryoboxes, SBS racks and blood bag cassettes
  • Fast: sample retrieval in less than 60 seconds
  • Simple user interface: automatic retrieval of samples through a touchscreen interface
  • User safety: ergonomic design minimizes PPE requirements and reduces risk form lifting racks
  • Network connectivity: LIMS connectivity and 21-CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Innocent sample protection: insulated tower prevents sample warming of targeted and non-targeted tubes when a source rack is removed from the system
  • Disaster protection: extended sample hold-time during unplanned disasters or emergencies is 16 times longer than typical mechanical freezers
  • Secure: access and defined libraries can be restricted to preauthorized users
  • Qualification services: IQ/OQ/PQ available to meet regulatory requirements