Specimen Processing Database

Sample management and laboratory workflow product, specifically designed to manage specimen processing and storage in biobanking applications.


  • What if you could record and centralize the entire history of a sample with the scan of a barcode? With BiobankPro, it’s that simple. The centralized software provides instant access to sample records, requests, shipment history and more. BiobankPro also monitors storage temperature and tracks specimens when they are out of cold storage to ensure a full chain of custody is documented.

Specimen Processing

  • Designed to manage specimen processing and storage with capabilities such as batch processing documentation for aliquoting, pooling and derivatives, as well as any processing performed prior to running assays. Streamline your processes as your specimens move from receipt through the laboratory to storage, shipment or destruction.

Integrated Data Repository

  • No need for multiple systems tracking different types of data. Instead, store your specimen inventory, processing and experimental data all in a single location annotated with clinical, subject and assay data for analysis and identification of trends. Configurable validation checks ensure validity and accuracy of data and reduce data entry errors.

Charts & Dashboards

  • Includes several built-in key analytical data displays and charts, allowing managers to gain a complete picture of the biobank and identify opportunities to reduce expenses. Each user additionally has a personal dashboard, giving them a quick way to update tasks, send communications or view other items assigned to them, thus making your biobank run more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Centralized Data Management: The BiobankPro database centralizes sample data and makes it accessible on-demand.
  • More Efficient Workflow: We’ve created features to help you manage your team as well. Label your projects and organize your samples under different workflows to promote efficiency and ensure data security.
  • External Integration: The BiobankPro database includes a client portal for researchers, and can also integrate with external data sources and instruments for accurate, comprehensive, real-time accuracy.

BiobankPro Features

  • Virtual Inventory Storage
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Customizable Biobanking & Research LIMS Workflows
  • Specimen Registration
  • Collection Kits
  • Specimen Storage Check In/Out
  • Specimen Aliquoting
  • Specimen Derivatives
  • Specimen Pooling
  • Specimen Destruction
  • Specimen Processing Worksheets
  • Batch Processing Documentation
  • Built-in Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) Module
  • Chain of Custody
  • Specimen Lineage
  • Subject Management
  • Patient Consent Management
  • Study Management
  • Configurable Alerts With E-mails
  • Client Portal
  • Sample Requests
  • Specimen Shipments
  • Testing & Assay Management
  • Instrument & Reagent Management
  • Charts & Dashboards
  • Tabular Report Printing
  • Complex Report Designer
  • Advanced Data Mining, Ad-Hoc and Canned Queries
  • Comprehensive Barcode Label and RFID Tag Designer
  • Barcode Label Printing
  • RFID Tracking Compatible
  • Integration with External Data Sources
  • Process Automation Based on External Data Sources (CTMS, EMR, EDC)
  • Limfinity® BRICK Compatibility
  • Audit Trail
  • Role-Based Security
  • Regulatory Compliance