Auto-Sealing PCR Plate Lid

Designed for use on integrated platforms, the Auto-Sealing PCR Plate Lid provides efficient sealing of plates when an automated sealing instrument is not available. Mitigates evaporation when compared to traditional lids.

  • Low profile
  • White
  • No cut corner
  • Integrated compression pad
  • PCR applications on integrated instruments
  • Developed to support fully automated sealing in the absence of specific instrumentation
  • Meets the needs of customers using integrated platforms that often lack suitable heat sealing instrumentation especially when low throughput is needed
  • Specialized alternative to standard lids: while standard lids protect reagents, the Auto-Sealing PCR Lid helps minimize reagent evaporation during longer incubations
  • Universal fit: due to the lack of cut corners, the lid can be applied to most plates, showing good sealing results when pushed down onto the plate
Key Features
  • Rigid polycarbonate frame padded with an elastic foam
  • No cut corners
  • Stackable
  • Suitable for automation
  • Universal fit to PCR plates
  • Recommended when full sealing automation is required in the absence of dedicated instrumentation
  • Suitable for low throughput workflows
  • Alternative to heat sealing, when heat sealing materials and instrumentation are not an option
  • Alternative to standard lids for longer incubations
Parameter Auto-Sealing PCR Plate Lid
Lid length 128.10 ± 0.10mm
Lid width 85.80 ± 0.10mm
Lid height 8.20 ± 0.05mm
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Part number Description
Auto-Sealing PCR Plate Lid
Low profile, white polycarbonate, with integrated compression pad, no cut corner, for PCR applications on integrated instruments
4ti-0291 20 lids