9x9 Cryo Rack

The 9x9 Cryo Rack is specifically aimed at users who have freezer racking set up for Cryo Freeze Boxes, wanting to store sample storage tubes such as the FluidX 1.9ml Next-Gen Jacket Sample Tube. The 9x9 Cryo Box is compatible with a broad range of tube formats.


Designed to fit in freezer racking set up for Cryo Freeze Boxes, the 9x9 Cryo Rack enables ease of access to samples with an open bottom to allow 2D Code reading on the Perception HD LF.

The 9x9 Cryo Box is compatible with a broad range of tube formats., allowing you to store legacy collections and maintain ease of access to your valuable samples.

Rack Options Available in two lid heights to suit tube height
Rack Height Without Lid: 32.5mm, With Lid (66-1801): 48.2mm, With Lid (66-1802): 54.0mm
Rack Material: Polycarbonate (Black PP for Direct Laser Coding)
Lid Material: Polycarbonate (clear with rack position markings)
Rack Coding Options: Direct Laser-etched 1D Linear Barcode, 2D Rack ID on Base of rack
Temperature Range: Min: -196*C (Gas Phase Liquid Nitrogen) Max: +110*C
Key Features
Key Features

Enabling ease of access in a space efficient format:

  • 136.2mm x 136.2mm polypropylene cryobox rack option available for cryogenic sample storage
  • Holds 81 tubes in 9x9 array
  • Open bottom for 2D barcode decoding on Perception HD LF reader
  • Optimises storage space by increasing sample density from 48 tubes to 81 tubes
  • Cryo racks can be supplied with a unique 2D barcode identifier which can be read at the same time as the tube 2D barcode, to provide more secure sample tracking
  • Unique identifier on every freeze box, in 1D & 2D format
Ordering Information
Description Part Number
9x9 Cryo Rack 48.2mm Height 66-1801
9x9 Cryo Rack 54.0mm Height 66-1802